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Amna Muqadas
Amna Muqadas
Beconhouse School System
Parents Are Always Right
Published On Apr 3rd 2014
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In an undersized town of America a boy named ‘Peter’ lived with his mom and dad. He didn’t have any siblings and so was very lonely. As he was the only one in his family his parents favoured him a lot. As soon as anything utter from Peter’s mouth that thing was in front of him not even after a few minutes but in seconds. They loved him and cared for him a lot, and made him study in a exorbitant school for his good and better studies although they cannot afford too much. But they also taught Peter good and bad. Told how to be successful in life with a lot of ups and downs. They taught him that not everybody has a luxurious life and has to ride on a rollercoaster and he is one of them as when their parents will die he had to face the difficulties by his own. They also taught him to always be helpful and caring in life and not choose the bad company. Peter always followed what his parents said and was in right path but one day a group of students became his friends. He wasn’t aware of what are actually like. They pretended that they love Peter a lot and care for him but their real side wasn’t exposed to Peter yet. They were hypocrites. They used to cheat Peter’s work in exam and also copy assignments. Taught him wrong things and lessons which can lead his path to hell. When they saw that Peter was very rich and affluent in actual he wasn’t and soon took advantage of that. His Parents keep telling him not to be a part of them but now he ignored his parents. One day them came to peter with a sad face and said that John who was the part of their group as well his mother his very sick and now is admit in hospital but he don’t have enough money for the treatment of his mother and even his maternal or paternal sides relatives are helping him so if Peter could give them money. They told Peter that they need twenty thousand rupees. Peter went to his mom’s room, opened the locker and took out twenty thousand rupees from it and gave to his friends. But now their real side was released. They ditched Peter. They actually took the money to open the bar of drugs. Peter cried a lot and was very upset and tensed that how he would tell his mom about that. With a lot of courage and power he stood up and told his mother about it. He was excepting his mother to be very angry at him but instead she put a hand on Peter’s head and calms him down. She told Peter that he is upset of what he did and that’s enough for them and made Peter promise not to do this again. Peter didn’t even promised his mother but also him and to God that he would always do what his Parents tell him and never be a part of bad people and so he did. Now he is the richest person of America and everybody knows him just because of his parents.
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Comments 4
Marwa Excellent !!! Marwa
Jul 17th 2014
mahrukh Agree with Soha Mahrukh
Apr 10th 2014
Tooba Its nice and i am happy that soha always comments nice things for every one even it is bad or nice Tooba
Apr 10th 2014
Soha You are really true. It's a good story :) Soha
Apr 4th 2014

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