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Rayan Rehman
Rayan Rehman
The Waggle Bed Kingdom (part 3)
Published On Mar 5th 2014
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Now as I have told you he was thinking something but then at the at the same time two big unusual surprises happened well the first one was this, hear it by yourself then. So then when he was thinking king Richard passed really tense talking to different people in hurry ordering them. Go there, tell the soldiers. You over there and you over there and so on. Raphael came to his father and said what happened? But the king was in hurry he never listened to his son. Dad what happened shouted Raphael. Richard suddenly stopped and looked at his son and said son there is a problem and see my boy......and at this moment Richard sat down and then said, you see Raphael this cruel old person who also is a king and has the strongest army in the world....well he is coming to take over our kingdom. What! said Raphael. Dad but we could win but at this very point a slave of the palace came and said sir there is a problem........and well this was the second surprise that blew of the king and young prince.....   
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Soha Good Soha
Mar 29th 2014

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