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Amna Muqadas
Amna Muqadas
Beconhouse School System
You Aren't The Only One Intelligent Out There
Published On Mar 5th 2014
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This is a story of two brothers who lived in a small village in a cottage. Their mother died when they were only six. And because of a heart attack their father died soon also. When he died he left a cow, a tree of coconut and a warm blanket for them. As they weren’t that rich so there was nothing more precious he could give them. The elder brother named ‘John’ was very clever and selfish. He never cared for his brother and thought what is bad for him. Whereas the younger brother named ‘Peter’ was very innocent, sweet and was cold. He respected his brother a lot and did whatever he commanded as there was no one other except him. At first they shared all the three things together but after sometimes John got angry and frustrated as he wanted the whole benefit of it. One day he decided to distribute these all things, first of blanket. He said to his brother, “Look Peter i am older than you and I always want what is good for you. So I decided that at night I would take this blanket and at the day you could keep the whole and day is longer than night, so you could have it for more time”. The innocent Peter came in John’s words. At the day the blanket was of no use of Peter as it is very warm in the day and at the night the selfish John had a comfortable sleep with it whereas Peter shivered. Then his brother decided to distribute the coconut tree. He claimed his brother again, “Listen Peter. I was wondering if you could take the lower part of the tree and I could take the upper part. You are my little brother how would you climb up that’s why”. Peter agreed again. John used to climb on the tree every day, pluck coconut from it and used to drink the juice of it whereas Peter used to water it every day took care of it and looked at John’s face while he was drinking the juice. Then the elder brother decided to disturbed the cow now. John commented to Peter that, “My sweet brother I think it’s better if you would keep the front part of the cow and me back. Look how beautiful God made this cow and what will you do by taking the back part if cow will hit you with its leg then?” Peter became fool again. He used to feed the cow take care of it whereas John used to take out the milk and drink it. Till many months this injustice was happening with Peter. One day their neighbour saw this and told Peter that your brother doesn’t wants well for you in fact bad and told him what to do. One night when John saw that the blanket was wet he became angry and mad on Peter. “ Peter!Peter!what is this? Why have you saturated this blanket with water?” “Well brother I saw this blanket getting dirty so I decided to wash it. And at day this blanket belongs to me so whatever I want to do with this I will”, said Peter cleverly. When John climbed up the tree once he saw the tree moving and was scared. When he saw down he saw his brother cutting up the tree. ‘Peter stop it’, he shouted. ‘Yes brother?’, asked Peter. ‘Stop it! If you will cut the tree it will get smaller and smaller day by day and one day it will finish’, said John. Peter claimed, ‘Well brother the lower part belongs to me so it’s my wish what to do and what not to do with it. The woods were finished so I decided to cut the tree to light the fire. ‘When John used to take out the milk from cow Peter used to irritate the cow, and because of its leg the milk used to fall down but still Peter had an answer to it. John got very upset and shameful one day and apologized from his brother who forgive him and now they used to share the things together.
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Comments 9
ADA I have also read this Ada
Jun 10th 2014
mahrukh Nice idea!!!!!! Mahrukh
Apr 18th 2014
hajira YES!!!! THE STORY WAS NICE!!! Hajira
Mar 29th 2014
Souson I too think I have read this somwhere Souson
Mar 22nd 2014
Natasha I think too ... Natasha
Mar 20th 2014
Maikham I hope you cheated Maikham
Mar 7th 2014
nmjkki YA YOU CHEATED Nmjkki
Mar 6th 2014
Amna It can be.. But i have written by my own :) Amna
Mar 6th 2014
Rayan Its a good story but I have read this in a book and I think you have cheated it. :P Rayan
Mar 5th 2014

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