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Sumaiyah Bokhari
Sumaiyah Bokhari
School For Contemporary And Islamic Learning (scil) Lahore
Journey To A Mysterious Island
Published On Mar 3rd 2014
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March 2014

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One sunny Sunday morning, my family and I decided to go to Malaysia. We had our breakfast & drove to the airport. We took snacks with us. When we reached the airport, we gave our passports to the man who stood outside the airplane. We sat in the spacious aircraft and set off to Malaysia. I had a great feeling. I had a fantastic and marvellous trip in the plane. We went through the fluffy white clouds. I was so excited about our trip that I went to sleep. When I woke up, I saw tiny trees and grazing sheep. We passed through many lush green and healthy fields. Then all of sudden, our plane crashed into a forest. I had a massive blow on the head and I lay down unconscious. I woke up and found myself at a peculiar and mysterious place. I roamed around. The forest was full of thick long that hid the sunlight. The forest was dark, gloomy and creepy. I was nervous. But still I had the courage to look around. Mice & other creepy creatures were crawling on the scary forest floor. I, unsatisfied decided to explore. I also picked up some flowers to keep myself happy. Suddenly I spotted a strange grazing animal, which wasn’t anticipating what dangers were lurking behind the bushes. Behind the bushes, a Tyrannosaurus Rex was camouflaging perfectly in the lush green bush, waiting for the right moment to attack. Finally the hungry reptile caught the helpless animal in his massive Jaws. The poor dinosaur took his last breath in front of me, and it seemed as if he was calling out help, but I was frozen in front of the ferocious dinosaur as he devoured the animal whole. The look on me was that I was expecting the reptile to swallow me as well as he did with the previous dinosaur. The tyrannosaurus Rex was 3 stories tall and his mouth was full of six-inch chisels of death. He lumbered across the prehistoric valley, wondering what was next on the menu. And on his menu included me. He ran towards me, and he missed me by inches. Finally I found a perfect hiding place. I hid in an old tree trunk. The fearless lizard at last gave up. I gave a sigh of relief. Then I heard stomping. I just ignored it. Then I heard growling & deep, loud roars. I soon found out. I was face-to-face with a griffin! A horrified moan escaped my lips. I left the place instantly without any hesitation. Unfortunately, I left some footprints behind, so the monster could track me down easily.

I hid behind a tree.

I could still hear the monster’s breathing. I tiptoed to a nearby cave. I hid behind a large cave. The beast sat beside the cave, expecting me to come out. But I knew what the monster was thinking. And that will be when I will be coming out; he’ll grip me in his claws. After that he will put a camp fire and roast me over it. Then he’ll grab a fork & a knife   and he’ll eat me happily ever after. My body was trembling, and I was sick and tired of my brain messages. After every second my brain kept on sending messages that I cannot go out. Only on the guarantee of the brain, I decided not to go out. Finally the griffin gave up. I was absolutely overjoyed. I began to dwell in that cave for three days. I sometimes went out to look for food. When I began to live in the cave for 3 days, I was on a diet of berries and other types of fruit. One bright morning, I decided to go and search for water. While I was going, I heard a soft, flowing sound. Soon the sound took me to a shallow river!! I was delighted. I drank gallons and gallons of sweet water. I wanted to see how far the river was. I went to the edge of the river and witnessed a fantastic sight; all the rivers’ water was flowing in the Pacific Ocean!!! Oh’ man that was the best day in my life.


I made a small boat out of straws and mud. Then I let it dry in the hot, melting sun, and set off for my home-world. I had an adventurous trip and at last I reached Malaysia. I went ashore and thanked Allah for my safety. I reached the hospital where I was going to accompany my parents and also lay down in a bed. The hospital I stayed was spacious and it was filled with doctors who were busy roaming around checking patients. i went into my room where I found my parents. Alhamdulillah, my parents were safe & sound. My bed was with my mother’s, and every day I told her my fantastic trip to the mysterious island. I sometimes forget this marvellous trip to the island, but the picture of the island was still stuck in my head.

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Comments 11
Amna Muhammad is right! That book is a must read and i've also seen both movies ie Journey to the centre of the Earth And Journey To The Mysterious Island And They Are EPIC! Amna
Apr 27th 2014
Amna Hey nice story and congratulations! You deserved that! Amna
Apr 27th 2014
afifah Good, congrats! Afifah
Apr 19th 2014
Muhammad Hey your title reminds me of the book Jules Verne wrote named "Journey to a Mysterious Island" Also read "Journey to the Center Of the Earth" also by Jules Verne. My all time favorite. Best ever!! Must read. Muhammad
Apr 18th 2014
Ajwa Congrats Ajwa
Apr 18th 2014
Tooba Cool and i loved it Tooba
Apr 17th 2014
Ashra Very good excellent Ashra
Apr 5th 2014
aliya Hmm interesting Aliya
Apr 5th 2014
qurratul Very Adventures Story!Love It. Qurratul
Mar 22nd 2014
qurratul Very Adventures Story!Love It. Qurratul
Mar 22nd 2014
Sara An intresting and a commendable story. nice ideas and rich vocabulary. Sara
Mar 11th 2014

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