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Pareeza Abdulrehman
Pareeza Abdulrehman
The City School
A Tale Of Fantasy
Published On Mar 5th 2014
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On his way home, Saad found a pen. He picked it up, cleaned it and wrote the name of his favourite story character. Suddenly he realized it was not an ordinary pen………..
Everything that Saad wrote looked absolutely life-like. The character had a face, and a body. He had blue eyes and a Honey Complexion. Saad was completely awed. The only thing coming to his mind was to take advantage of what he had in store.
Before taking any step, he decided to let the experts see this thing. He went to his friend Perseus, who belonged to a Greek family and his father worked with archaeologists and helped them in deciphering ancient scripts. By now, Saad had found out that the pen was carved with ancient inscriptions, Greek or Latin, maybe. After a long wait, Perseus’ dad finally came home. Saad handed him the pen and he felt on it and mumbled “lightweight” and “Greece…….I Guess” with his gruff voice. Then he looked at the inscription carefully. It looked as if he had his eyes glued to it. He cleared his throat and grabbed a pen and a pad and started muttering unusual words. Saad was sweating with anxiety. He wrote the words “Princess Helena wants to go Star gazing.” Then he stopped writing and exclaimed “Oh!” He settled down and grabbed Saad by the arm. He told him that in Greece, a princess called Helena, loved star gazing and wanted to see the stars, other than from her window. A conjurer had made her the pen, which helped her in stargazing, rather than from her room. Helena often used it to fulfill her hearty dream. Then he stood up again, telling Saad that the purpose of the pen was to gift a true dreamer.
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Comments 5
azka Awesome thumbs up Azka
Sep 21st 2017
Princess Pleas be my friend Princess
Jun 6th 2015
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 7th 2014
suhaib Abrupt ending Suhaib
Mar 22nd 2014
Maikham I like this story. iam also in 6 grade. wanna be my friend? Maikham
Mar 7th 2014

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