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Zernab Waheed
Zernab Waheed
Alied School System
Published On May 3rd 2011
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All the human beings have habits. There are good and bad habits and they are also of different kinds. Habits are our acts. A habit is to be defined as way of behaving that is often repeated. We gain habits from different sources (Parents, relatives, friends, society). Bad habits are easy to make but are very hard at end. Whereas, good habits take more time to make but always have a good end. A good habit also makes a very good impression on other person. A good student always adopts good habits. Habits may be good or bad, make yourself. If you know that you have to change your habits, then you can. Good habits lead to good manners. Good manners give us good friends. Good friends mean, we are having a good environment. You can adopt the following good habits as a student:
1) Wake up early in the morning.
2) Go to bed early.
3) As being a Muslim, instead of saying Hello or Good Morning say Assalam u Alaikum.
4) Say thank you after someone has given u something.
5) Start everything with Bismillah.
6) Help the poor.
7) Keep the company of good friends.
8) Respect your elders.
9) Love the younger’s.
10) Offer your prayers regularly.
11) Recite the holy Quran on daily basis.
12) Exercise daily because it helps you be active.
13) Tidy your room.
14) Develop good study habits.
15) Always speak the truth.
16) Be Punctual.
17) Be polite towards everyone.
18) Build up Confidence in yourself.
19) Eat Healthy food.
20) Take rest in the evening.
21) Brush your teeth daily.
22) Take a bath daily.
23) Be kind to everyone.
24) Beware of junk food.
25) Spend money wisely.
26) Clean your environment.
27) Take in clean water.
28) Take a walk in the morning because it is good for your health.
29) Learn from others & teach others.
30) Obey your Parents.
31) Visit library once a week.
32) Increase your knowledge by reading useful books.
33) Throw the litter in the Use bin.
34) Keep your clothes clean.
35) Clip your nails once a week.
36) Greet the people in the way they expect.
37) Don't tease anyone.
38) Say INSHALLAH after a decision.
39) Say MASHALLAH for appreciation.
40) Do every work on time.
I hope that the one who will read this will INSHALLAH adopt these good habits & will be known as a Good Muslim & Pakistani.
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Comments 3
Aisha Very nice article Mahrukh. I would like to say that you can say Jazakallah instead of Thank you. It would be much better. Otherwise keep up the good work Aisha
May 3rd 2011
Farial Pari Mahrukh...! I've heard that you're friend is Namera Farial Pari
May 3rd 2011
Farial Pari Mahrukh...! well done..! keep it up..! students & kids must take actions on your nice article...!! Farial Pari
May 3rd 2011

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