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Rayan Rehman
Rayan Rehman
The Story Of Waggle Bed Kingdom (part 1)
Published On Feb 28th 2014
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Once in the olden days big, big events took place events like war, struggle and destruction but there was an event that took place in a old kingdom called Waggle bed kingdom. It was an odd name for a kingdom but this was its name. So as I said this kingdom had an event that took place and this event was the biggest unusual thing that happened. Raphael was a person who was a great hero and his story began. In a kingdom a baby was born with a sign of goodness and was named Raphael. Raphael grew up and became a boxer. He used to be the best boxer ever! He owned the main belt and also the main championship. One day Raphael or should I say Prince Raphael was in his palace and saw his father king Richard pass he quickly stood up on his feet and said," Dad can I talk to you". "Of course what happened Raphael tell me". "Well you see dad.......I...would like to give my title away" said, Raphael."What"! Said King Richard. And only by this 4 letter word Raphael knew he should have not opened his mouth as he knew something bad would happen.......
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Laibah Nyc story! Laibah
Jul 19th 2014

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