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Anusha Saqib
Anusha Saqib
Roots School System
The Haunted Spirit
Published On Feb 28th 2014
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Elsa. She was an orphan and lived in an orphan age. She killed all the other children and care takers of the orphan age and ran away from there. After some while she was caught by the police and they got to know that she had a mental problem. She was put in an electric cell. Whenever she touched the walls or door she got an electric shock. After some while she died because of hunger. A rumor spread that on every Monday at night 2 o'clock her bad spirit came and cut the bodies of the people into cubes and eat then. Thing happened to many people and the rumor had became true. When a girl named Anna came to know that this rumor was true, she stopped sleeping on Monday but one day her eyes closed. She wakes up well in the morning. When she went to the washroom that time the scary things started. While she was in the washroom all the things started falling on her head. She quickly got out of there. After that when she was sitting in her room the fan started by itself. Many things like this happened to her, and she was terrified badly.
“Be careful the bad spirit is still roaming.”
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Comments 17
Zainab Is it true please please tell me. I am so so so so so so so scared. Zainab
Jan 24th 2018
Sabeen Awesome Sabeen
Nov 2nd 2017
MARYAM No offence anusha !! Maryam
Aug 7th 2015
Rihab Nyc horror story anusha by the way princess,listening to music is terribly wrong in islam! Rihab
Jun 16th 2015
Aden Wonderful!!!!!!!!! Aden
Aug 22nd 2014
sawera Nice 1 Sawera
May 27th 2014
Samia Fake story but nice Samia
May 11th 2014
Arooba Mine dream tooooo amna haha Arooba
May 5th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 23rd 2014
princess U tool the characters from frozen Princess
Apr 22nd 2014
princess Me too biggest fan of 1d specially zayn He is so handsome and dashing. My first dream is to meet 1d Aaaaaaaaaaa Princess
Apr 22nd 2014
Hina Awesome story Hina
Mar 23rd 2014
stella I'm sorry Anusha but there is no such thing as bad or good spirits Stella
Mar 7th 2014
Arooba Good story anusha Arooba
Mar 7th 2014
Chaman Impressive! Chaman
Mar 2nd 2014
Anusha Did i sad this story is true Maryam and i know the mistake of the words that i had done Anusha
Mar 1st 2014
MARYAM I'm sorry Anusha but there is no such thing as bad or good spirits Maryam
Feb 28th 2014

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