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Mayar  Ali
Mayar Ali
Al-alson International School
The Window
Published On Apr 29th 2011
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Once there was a patient named John. He was in the hospital because he had breathing problem in his lungs, so the nurses would come to John everyday for an hour to make him sit on his bed and breath the fresh air coming from the window in front of him. One day, another patient came to the same room where John was in. The doctor said to him, "You must not get up at all, your back needs some days to recover and it would be dangerous if you try to get up because it would cause unbearable pain." So before the doctor left, he said to John, "Hey, I hope you’re feeling better now. I hope you don’t mind having a roommate here with you", so John said, "No, I don’t mind its ok with me". So the doctor left the room and the nurses helped John to get up. Then after a while, the patient on the bed said, "Hello, what’s your name?" So John said, "Hi my name is John, what’s your name?" the patient said, "Nice to meet you John, my name is Paul". So they both kept talking about their daily life and stuff. Then after an hour, the nurses came back to John and lowered him down. After they went, Paul asked John, "Can you tell me what is outside the window, you’re looking at? John said, "There is a park outside the window. I can describe it for you if you want. Well it has many trees and a small pond with children sitting near it." So Paul said, "Oh, what a beautiful sight that must be". So every day when it was time for John to get up, he would tell Paul everything which is happening in the park. One day when Paul was better enough to get up also, he asked the nurse, "Where did John go?", so the nurse said, "John? Well... He's dead". “Tearing kept flowing down Paul's face and he felt really sorry for John. As he was looking at the window, he asked the nurse, "When was that horrible wall built in front of the window?" The nurse said, "3 years ago", so Paul said, "What? But... but what about the park that John kept describing it to me?", so she said, "What park? And what do you mean, John described it to you?" Didn’t he tell you that he was already blind?" A shock came over Paul suddenly.
John did all of this to make Paul feel happy so that he could become better day by day. What a great person John was.
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Comments 11
 яυмαιsα I have read this story! яυмαιsα
Aug 8th 2011
Saniya In my brother's literature text book. Saniya
Jul 31st 2011
 Areena Iuh Areena
May 11th 2011
 Areena Where saniya...?? Areena
May 11th 2011
Saniya I've already read this story somewhere. Saniya
May 11th 2011
Mehwish Excellent , marvellous and tremendous story!!!!!! keep it up............ Mehwish
May 6th 2011
Sana Welcum =D Sana
May 5th 2011
Mayar Thanx guys :D Mayar
May 2nd 2011
Sana Dude, this story is sure to come in VSHINE!! The co-ordinator's gonna be happy when she sees it :DDD Sana
May 2nd 2011
afnan It is a really awesome story!!!!!!! :D Afnan
Apr 30th 2011
 Areena Mayar....! you can be an great story writer..really..!! keep your creativity up-to-date..!! Tremendous story..! Areena
Apr 30th 2011

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