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Bakhita Maryam
Bakhita Maryam
Linderhof Lahore School System
The Mystery Of The Red Box
Published On Apr 28th 2011
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It was a sober and hot noon; I was sitting in the school library reading a book that I had to prepare for my exams.  It was a boring book that made me feel gruelling.  So, I started to look out of the window.  Suddenly, I heard a car stopped at the gate.  There were two men in the car.  I saw one of them came out of the car and the other was surely driver.  He had a huge red box in his hands and he went inside.  It was mysterious, I was always very curious to know every matter.  

But at that time, I was very frightened of the thought that who were they and what they had in the red box and maybe, they could harm our school. I quaked with fear. Then, I heard a laughter, I thought that they had done something wrong and they were laughing on that.  There was a conversation going on outside the door that I tried hard to eavesdrop but I could not.  It was too difficult to hear but I had no courage to go out.  Then, I saw the man coming out with two of the students.  I tried to recognize them and.... I was dumbstruck to realize that they both were my best friends.  They both were position holders and then, I understood everything! They had traded with the principal by giving the thing that they had in the red box and surely it was something precious. I could not bear anymore!

I rushed outside and saw my other friends striding towards me and asking questions: "Where were you?", "You prat, you have missed such a golden opportunity."  I knew that they were pointing towards my inclination to fight and play karate that I used to tell them my own invention of stories about myself.  But now how could I tell them that I am so coward that even I could not even come out of library. But, even then, I wanted to confirm that what had happened exactly.

        "What happened?" I spluttered sternly and they explained me everything that was all opposite to everything that I had fluked.  They were two professors of the management of awarding company who had come to award winners of "Kangaroo Competition" from our school.  They had awards in the red box and they had also selected students for "ISMO Olympiad" that I also had decided to participate, but because of all that hallucinations that suppressed me not to leave library, I was left.  The laughter that I had heard was of students who had been laughing on the puppet show that the professors had showed to them.  And my two best friends were the ones who had been selected for that and had gone for their registration.  I was very furious so that I became frenzy but it was too late to do anything!       

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Comments 8
Tooba Good Tooba
May 22nd 2014
Bint waseem GUD 1 !!!!!! Bint Waseem
Oct 22nd 2011
Zainab Nyccc Zainab
Oct 7th 2011
samia Very nice Samia
Aug 28th 2011
Liza Nyc......................... Liza
May 7th 2011
 Areena Bieber Fan...! Aisha is really are the greatest fan of Jakky JB.......! Keep it up..bieber..! Excellent job.! Areena
Apr 30th 2011
Bakhita Yes i am! Bakhita
Apr 30th 2011
Aisha Nice story. r u really JB's greatest fan Aisha
Apr 29th 2011

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