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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
A Bad Day At The Beach
Published On Apr 29th 2011
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Maria and her family had finally got some time for each other and were really happy when going for a day at the beach. Little did they know that something really bad was about to happen.
          They packed their stuff and got in the car. After a journey of about an hour, they reached a perfect beach spot, which was quite beautiful indeed. The golden sand shone brightly in the wonderful sunlight. The seagulls were flying up in the sky and the dazzling blue water looked like a picture. Maria, her parents, brother and sister got out of the car. They all started to have fun. The children took their swimsuits out and went to swim in the water, while the parents started chattering. After having a swim, they came back on shore to have some food and snacks.
         Munching food on the golden sand was altogether a different experience. After lunch, Maria’s sister, Meeral went to collect seashells, whereas her brother, Mustafa started to make sandcastles. Mustafa at the age of 10 had gained expertise in making sandcastles. Suddenly, they heard Meeral scream, who was younger sister of Maria. Maria rushed to the spot and saw Meeral’s leg in the water. Mustafa reached there and pulled her out. What he saw was a jellyfish clinging to Meeral.  They all try to separate the jellyfish but all in vain. Eventually, Mom tried sprinkling some salt on the jellyfish and gently took it off with a towel. This did not ease their worries, as heavy bleeding started from the wound and they all had to rush to the hospital. The beach was too far away from any locality and it took long for them to reach the hospital.
          Meeral’s wound dressing was done very quickly, but she had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. This way ended an excursion trip, which could have turned into a real nightmare for the whole family.  
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Comments 7
Ayesha So gud Menahil !! keep it up ! Ayesha
May 26th 2015
Anam Great story menahil!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anam
Nov 22nd 2013
Irum You are The Best, Girl!! Irum
Sep 17th 2013
Areeba Gr8 effort!!!!!!!!!! Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
 Areena Menahil..! otherwise, I would like to say that you are Genius girl..!! because your story is like Well-Done..! Areena
Apr 30th 2011
 Areena Menahil..! please keep on commenting on my stories & aren't giving comments...please menahil..! Areena
Apr 30th 2011
Bakhita Nice effort!! Keep it up!! Bakhita
Apr 29th 2011

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