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Faizan Asif
Faizan Asif
Meritorious School Network
Always Remember Allah
Published On Feb 19th 2014
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February 2014

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Have you ever been to an amusement park with your nephew? It is so much fun but if your nephew gets lost then it is another scene. Something like that happened to me because of my mischievous nephew. He insisted on going and then got lost in that big amusement park.
It was a sunny, humid but an amazing morning. I and my nephew decided to go there on his request. I took the tickets and we both went in there to have some fun. I was taking tickets of a ride when I was done and looked back he was gone. I first thought that he was kidding with me. So I sat on a bench and started to wait for him but after a while I started to get worried and insane of the thought that what my sister will do with me if I don't get home with him. So I started looking in the park. His favourite ride is a roller coaster so I first went there to look for him but I couldn't find him. I had almost looked the whole park but still couldn't find him. I was worried sick but what to do now. So I prayed to Allah for helping me and recited the dua "innalillahi wa inna ilahi ra ji uun". Suddenly I saw him sitting on the bench before me and a sigh of relief for me. He was a look for the sore eyes and I went to him and started scolding him. He started to cry like a baby.
But then I thought that I was unfair i said sorry to him and went to the food court for him. After that we had a lot of fun having the rides and specially the roller coaster one and now I know that why my nephew’s favourite ride rollar coaster is.
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Comments 15
Samia Nice 1 but sad Samia
May 25th 2014
Soha Disappointing match :'(! But green shirts we still luv U <3 Soha
Apr 2nd 2014
Soha Agree Qurat ul Ain.... Anyway, guys I would like 2 request u all to pray for the Pakistani team in the T20 WORLD CUP!!!!! Soha
Apr 1st 2014
qurratul If you had checked the whole park , how can you find him on a bench?You can write this that you become upset and going back at home worriedly,Suddenly you saw him in a bakery... but it's still ... NICE !!! :-> !!! Qurratul
Mar 31st 2014
mary Exelant if i was a techer i would be giving u 10000000000/10000000000 Mary
Mar 31st 2014
Soha Yeah you are very true. Sometimes, we are very worried which causes us to forget everything but then when we remember Allah and seek help from Him, everything seems like a piece of cake.... It was a good one at least for attempting however, I won't say that it was something bad or you could have been better or blah blah. We should appreciate others :) Nice try! Soha
Mar 29th 2014
Mohammad To slow Mohammad
Mar 27th 2014
suhaib @faizan asif.. sorry for the comment i wrote.. Suhaib
Mar 22nd 2014
suhaib Class 2 student can write better than this!! Suhaib
Mar 21st 2014
DIYA Nice story and congrats Diya
Mar 18th 2014
afifah Excellent story, congratulations! Afifah
Mar 7th 2014
faizan Thanks a lot..... JazakAllah Faizan
Mar 5th 2014
Anusha Congratulations and a nice story:) Anusha
Mar 2nd 2014
Laibah Yes, great story Laibah
Mar 1st 2014
hakim Nice one............. Hakim
Mar 1st 2014

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