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Riko Tachibana
Riko Tachibana
Suna High School
Pins And Needles
Published On Feb 17th 2014
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Kira has a sister named Mira locked away in a mental hospital after she almost beat a boy to death for throwing her necklace out the window. Now half a year later she is out…..
7th September, 2012
Kira woke up Mira around 7 am so she would get ready in time for the bus to take them to school. She slept in the attic saying it was here “special place” and that her “friends” were up there with her. Of course Kira knew there wasn’t but she wasn’t about to anger a crazy girl. Mira was in the corner rocking back and forth; hear little red head hitting the back wall over and over again. In one hand she held a doll in the other she held a sewing kit. Mira smiled when Kira entered and ran up to give her a hug. If it wasn’t for the incident that occurred a year ago Kira would have hugged her sister back, but now…Mira was already dressed in her uniform, having slept in it the night before and her lunch was already made by Kira. So together they went off to school with Mira holding her sewing kit the entire time. Kira had English first and went to class in a daze; listening to a boring teacher rumble on about his life was not exactly the best way to start off in the morning. Kira was about to doze off when a girl from the class below her ran into the room with tears in her eyes. She held a note out with shaking hands. It was smudged but Kira managed to make out the words before it disappeared from view.
“Two students are missing. Please keep class in until they are found.”
Kira was anxious but not overly worried. People disappeared all the time, ditching class and going home but for the school to not even know where they are was a shock. So English kept on going for a while, a lot longer than a while actually. Kira was about ready to destroy the school when the bell rang out, the sweet sound of freedom and mercy. Mira waited at the gates like she always did, earning stares and whispers from all the people passing by. She simply stood there with her sewing kit, half open. Mira went straight to her room in the attic and closed the door with a loud bang. A waft of air brushed past Kira. It smelled of Copper and salt and made Kira wonder what kind of “experiment” she was doing now… She smelt the air one more time and decided she didn’t want to know…
8th of September, 2012
Kira was ready at 6 and was surprised to see Mira up before her. She was eating toast with a happy expression on her face and the sewing kit on the table. Kira just rolled her eyes…Another English lesson later and Kira felt like she was in a coma. She felt like she was just about to die of boredom when she overheard a senior talking in hushed tones about the new kid, Simone and how she went with the “crazy girl.” Upon seeing Kira’s horrified face they scampered off like rats. Kira spent an hour running around the school, hearing names of disappearing students at every turn. Sasha… Ai… Asuna…Mira… They never ended but there was only one name she didn’t want to hear and dreaded… Mira. She had hoped that her sister wasn’t missing or taken or whatever. But she was more scared of what they crazy girl would do if she actually was with all these students. Kira sprinted home at the bell. The entire school was ordered to stay in just in case someone else disappeared. Kira kicked the door open and ran up the stair to the attic. She could hear a murmur of a voice, girlish and happy. Kira paused with her shaking hand above the door. Should she knock? Should She run? She opened the door. A wave of copper and salt wafted up her nose and Kira saw dark stains on the white tiles and tried not to vomit. They were red and brown. The missing students were hanging on the wall by black threads you would use for sewing. On the floor in front of Mira was a boy who Kira did not recognize. His eyes had rolled back and his wrists and feet were tied to the floor by the same black thread. Over his finger was a pin the size of a garden nail. Mira raised a hammer and swung it down, a smile on her face…What happens next……IT’S UP TO YOU!!
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Comments 21
Aliza  So awesome Aliza
Apr 3rd 2016
Aliza  So awesome Aliza
Apr 3rd 2016
qurratul Tooba!Don't say these types of things.I miss Hina:(:(:(! Qurratul
Jul 25th 2014
Manahil Tooba try to understand "he is dead for now " means she is going to beeth Manahil
May 11th 2014
Shumaim May OUR Riko and the real Hina rest in peace, she was one of my best friends on Vshine because she watched Naruto and her favorites were the same as mine, and yeah, she was very nice. May she rest in peace and have fun in 'Jannah'.Life has to end some day.(SNIFF) =''( Shumaim
May 1st 2014
Tooba Nice and did your brother died in real Tooba
Apr 29th 2014
Munkashay Wow! I really sympathize for the kids who died.... but AMAZING story! Keep it up, sis! Munkashay
Mar 23rd 2014
Riko Aww...thnx Anusha!!!!!!!!! Riko
Mar 1st 2014
Anusha Amazing story and really sccccaaarrryyyy Anusha
Feb 28th 2014
Riko Thnx Amn...^__^ Riko
Feb 28th 2014
Feb 27th 2014
Feb 26th 2014
Ahmed What kinda end is taht Ahmed
Feb 25th 2014
Riko I am sorry...this was my brother hecking up the things.....u know commenting on my own things and answering my own bro's dead for now so i will be fine i guess..... Riko
Feb 24th 2014
Riko OMG DID I JST COMPLIMENT MY OWN FREAKING STORY...I THOUGHT THIS WAS SOME ONE ELSE' sorry guyz did mean to do tht!!!!!!!!!!!! Riko
Feb 22nd 2014
Riko OMGOODNESSS....awsum horror story...WOW lik jst...WOW Riko
Feb 22nd 2014
Riko Aww thnx!!!!!!!!!!!! Riko
Feb 22nd 2014
Manahil ROCkinG!! Manahil
Feb 21st 2014
Mahnoor I must say it was the greatest story i ever read on vishine world. KEEP IT UP! Mahnoor
Feb 20th 2014
Riko Aww thnx Fatima...U ROCK...AND UR PAINTINGS TOOOO^__^ Riko
Feb 18th 2014
fatimah I seriously loved it, its not like any other stories i have read on the web, all they r bout is happiness and thats not the same for me. i choose horrible, scary and thriller endings....and this one just ROckedddd Fatimah
Feb 17th 2014

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