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Hamza Habib
Hamza Habib
The City School
The Brave Boy Ali
Published On Feb 17th 2014
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Once upon a time there was a boy called Ali. He was an honest boy. He always speaks the truth. One day he was going to the market with his father. When they reached to the market his father go to take the things from the market. Ali lost the way he was finding his father then suddenly there was a thief who was hiding from the police. He saw ali and he thought that if he will kidnap ali then he will ask him to give his father phone number then he will call to him and ask him to give money or else he will kill ali. He go towards him and then he kidnap ali. He take ali to his house and then asked him to tell his father`s phone number. Ali said "I will never tell you. The thief said "if you will not tell me you will be killed by my own hands then ali was scared and tell his father phone number.
Then the thief called his father his father pick out the phone from his pocket and asked who it is. The theif said "give me all the money you have or else I will kill your son ali. His father get very scared and ask him to do nothing to ali and also told him that he will give the money to him and asked where you will be. The thief tells his home address. Then the thief picks up a knife and put it on the table because if his father will not give money to him then he will kill ali with this knife. He tied ali with the rope and the theif went to the highest floor and ali was on the first floor. The thief was tired he was taking a nap. Then at the same time ali was kicking to the table because he will cut the rope and call the police. he kick the table again and again and at last the knife fall then quickly he pick the knife cut the rope and he was free. There was a telephone he called the police. Ali said I am kidnapped by a thief.
He said please quickly cam to this house he told the address. After 5 minutes the police came they shoot the gun the thief woke up and ran down stairs the police came in the house the thief pick up the knife and said i will kill this boy. The police said leave him. At that time ali kick his leg the thief said ouch. Ali kicked him so hard that the thief was in pain and he fell down. The police arrest him and took him to the jail and ali`s father came there and was happy. Ali and his father take him to his house and they live very happily.
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Comments 3
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 29th 2014
Ahmed GUD WORK Ahmed
Feb 25th 2014
HAFSA Nice but you have mixed past and present tense in a story. you have to make a story of either past tense or either present tense.overall nice Hafsa
Feb 18th 2014

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