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Taha Khan
Taha Khan
Beacon Light Academy
Today’s Teenagers
Published On Feb 17th 2014
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Nowadays teenagers are being abused all over the world. Everyone think that are useless, spoiled and good for thing. I as a teenager experiences this every day. People think whenever we are watching TV or surfing online we are wasting our time and being a dummy to modern technology and electronic media. They think that we are getting pushed into the darkest corner of the world and are getting far away from our studies. but what they don’t know is that we are not useless. yes we sometimes waste our time in front of TV and computer but not always. People only think of the negative effects of technology but we teenagers do it in a positive way. we gain information of things that books couldn't tell us. Whenever we go out with friends everyone thinks that we are going to do something bad. that is not true is it? we are not always wrong are we? no! we are not. we are that youth that will shape the world of tomorrow. we are that youth that everyone will praise tomorrow. we are that youth that will change the world. we are that youth that will bring revolution and rid this world of its guilt. we are the future of tomorrows world. 
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Comments 7
Ghazal Firdous Yes your kind of truth, I'm a lil experienced Teenager. But I believe in my Parents orders, Because they are experienced. Some Teens use the modern technology in positive way but most of them not. When you'll be expired from the teenage world, will be more lucid about this. Anyways Keep it Up! That was a GREAT TRY! ^_^ Ghazal Firdous
Apr 8th 2014
Soha Agreed..... Soha
Mar 31st 2014
Soha Agreed..... Soha
Mar 31st 2014
Mubashir True Mubashir
Mar 28th 2014
Zainab Nice Zainab
Mar 19th 2014
zerwah You are young thaat's why you can't's only for teenagers Zerwah
Feb 27th 2014
inshal some mistakes taha bhai Inshal
Feb 21st 2014

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