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Malaika Idrees
Malaika Idrees
Beaconhouse School System
The Magic Oranges
Published On Apr 25th 2011
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In the kingdom of France their lived a ruler and his wife. They wanted a child as they were getting old and when they would die they would they think that the people would want a new ruler for themselves.
One morning their spread a happy news that the people had now got a princess. The king and queen were high spirits and happy that they called the most famous gardener of the town and asked him to bring a seed of an orange. The gardener did so.
When the gardener came back to the palace, the king and queen bowed the seeds together and wished that it would be the energy of the family and if it would be sick and would not get water after one day the family would loose its strength. They also wished that the tree would be the tallest tree in the whole town.
After fifteen years the princess grew up and was the most beautiful girl in the whole town. She had a face as white as snow, lips as pink as pink rose, she had hair as golden as gold. All the people of the town were proud to have a princess as beautiful as her.
 Years passed away, the tree grew and was given water daily. It every year got a lot of oranges and every time in the year when the tree had got oranges the people started preparing tall ladders because on the top of the orange tree there grew three crowns made up from oranges. The king was given one, the second crown was always given to the queen and the third crown was given to the beautiful princess.
After ten years later when the people were preparing ladders, on the top they found only one crown made from oranges. The princess was afraid that it could be that her parents now die and she kept the two famous doctors in the palace and more new servants so that she could protect her parents.
One morning when she went to her parent’s room, she saw that her parents were dead. This was a shocking and unhappy day for the princess and all the people in the town. This unhappiness carried for one whole year. Slowly the princess was getting old.
Once again it was the time for the preparing the ladders and on the top of the tree this time, there was no crown. When the people heard this news they felt unhappy and now thought that now they would loose their princess and there would be no ruler in the town.
Next morning the people heard terrible news about the princess that, she was now dead. The people one by one went to the castle and saw the princess’s last glimpse and when each of the person came out from the castle was crying as they felt sorry for the princess and said to each other that she was a great ruler.
The people still say that a crown will appear in the tree and when it does the people will have their new princess just like the old one sitting on the royal chair.
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Comments 8
Khadijah They are sisters...... Areena baji..... Khadijah
Jun 4th 2013
Habiba Good work!! Habiba
May 2nd 2011
 Areena Menahil..! is malaika your school/class fellow? Areena
Apr 30th 2011
 Areena Malaika..! good done...I appreciate your efforts..! Areena
Apr 30th 2011
 Areena Menahil..! her name is Malaika than why are you calling her Guest..? Areena
Apr 30th 2011
 Areena Malaika..! is menahil your school fellow or class fellow...? please tell me.. Areena
Apr 30th 2011
Bint waseem Welldone!!!!!!guest...and ya tell ur name.... Bint Waseem
Apr 27th 2011
Menahil I really love your story Guest. who ever you are. Please mention your name so I can approve of you in the knowing of you. Your creativity was amazing. Tell us who you are and quickly edit your settings. Otherwise Excellent Superb welldone!! Menahil
Apr 25th 2011

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