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Muhammad Bokhari
Muhammad Bokhari
School For Contemporary And Islamic Learning (scil) Lahore
The Worst Nightmare I’ve Ever Had!
Published On Feb 15th 2014
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February 2014

Rank 8 Out of 10

Once we had to go on a trip to attend a meeting. But we had to cross a huge river. We went on ship. But we didn’t anticipate what dangers and horrors were waiting for us. Next morning we went on board the ‘Covenant’. It was a massive, beautiful ship which had carnivals every week. It immense body was floating on the gigantic Atlantic ocean. I couldn’t help but reconnoiter the enormous ship. At midnight (12:00 p.m.), I was awakened by a sound…… kind of a ……howl. Thinking it must be someone’s pet dog…howling, I tried to sleep again, putting my pillow over my ears. But the blood-curdling, eerie, hair-raising and……. hungry howl came again, this time ………………………………  Nearer
I thought we were coming near the woods. I went to wake dad. But dad wasn’t there……rather than him…..there…was……Blood! I…… was……… horrified. The dark red blood was oozing down his bed and slightly splashing the ground. I sped to mom’s cabin. I slammed the door open. I gaped. Only mom’s blood was there. I checked the whole ship. NO-ONE!!!
Then I saw the horrible beast. It was a wolf-like beast. The flesh of its stomach and neck was torn and was hanging. Its teeth and the area around it were covered in blood. The beast jumped to attack me when I woke up with a scream


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Comments 9
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 29th 2014
Soha Really disappointing match :'(!!! Never mind, green shirts we still luv u <3 Soha
Apr 2nd 2014
Soha Congratzzzzz and yeah one more thing, I liked your vocabulary :) keep it up :) Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Guys am back and would like 2 request u all to pray for the Pakistani team in the T20 WORLD CUP!!!!! Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Excellent and I liked the way you read the book kidnapped and learned some vocabulary and used it. It is something good and this also doesn't mean that the word is copied! Soha
Mar 29th 2014
afifah Good keep it up, and congrats for winning:) Afifah
Mar 7th 2014
HAFSA Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooood mashallah you deserve to be the winner. Hafsa
Mar 6th 2014
Arooba Nice but some logical mistakes, anyway good try keep it up . Arooba
Mar 3rd 2014
Anusha The word "Covenant" is copied by the reader "Kidnapped"and it is (12:00 am) at midnight otherwise the story is nice keep it up Anusha
Feb 28th 2014

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