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Noor-ul-huda Noor
Noor-ul-huda Noor
Usman Public School
Two Brave Siblings
Published On Feb 17th 2014
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Long ago in a city there was a haunted house. The people of the city were very scared of that house. People said that who went in the house he/she never came back. There was a park beside the house. One day two siblings were playing in the park with a football, one name was Sana and other’s name was Ali. Ali was elder brother of Sana. Suddenly Sana kicked the football very high in excitement and the ball went in that house. Sana and Ali were very brave. They climbed on the wall of that house and jumped another side of the wall. They saw their football was under the banyan tree which was in the house. Ali went there to take their ball. Suddenly they listened a sound of feet. They hid behind the banyan tree. They peeped from the tree in the dark. There was one pair of eyes. A ghost came out from the dark, the ghost was so scary. When they saw ghost they started to scream. The ghost started to chase them. They ran upstairs and Sana fell down from the stairs, she saw the ghost had two legs. Sana stood up and ran behind his brother Ali. They both hide behind the cupboard. Sana told Ali that ghost didn’t have legs, but the ghost has legs. “Who told you that ghost don’t have legs”, Asked Ali. “I read it in a book of ghosts”, Said Sana. They planned to take off the sheet from the ghost’s head. When the ghost came Ali took off the sheet from his head. He was a thief who’s posters of wanted were everywhere in the city. The thief went to chase Ali. Sana went to call the police. Sana told whole story to police chief and they came and arrested the thief. Everyone was very impressed with Sana and Ali “the brave siblings”.
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Comments 2
Tooba Good Tooba
Apr 26th 2014
Ahmed Nice yea Ahmed
Feb 25th 2014

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