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Areena Pearl
Areena Pearl
University Student
An Interview With V Shine
Published On Apr 25th 2011
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Me: Assalam-o-Alaikum! How are you?
V SHINE: I am fine.
Me: What's your age?
V SHINE: I am only 1 years old.
Me: Can you describe the happiest moment of your 1 year life?
V SHINE: Yes, when I was published & decorated at the shops.
Me: What kind of kids you like?
V SHINE: I like kids who offer their prayers on time, do not abuse others, respect their elders & work hard for a bright future.
Me: What is your aim?
V SHINE: My aim is to help kids know their rights & make the future of kids bright.
Me: Any moral for kids?
V SHINE: Sure, I would like to tell them that their parents work hard for them. They should feel this & care for their parents, study hard so they can make their parents happy & pray to Allah (SWT) for better future of Pakistan.
Me: What are your hobbies?
V SHINE: My hobbies include making kids creative, to encourage them & to help kids at every difficult stage.
Me: Thank you V SHINE!
V SHINE: It's my pleasure.
Me: Good Bye!
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Comments 21
Irza Hey!grt sounded sooo real!!! Irza
Oct 29th 2015
Khadijah Menahil baji I coped my pic from google pictures and upload it here. You can find the picture you want and copy it. :) Khadijah
Sep 2nd 2012
Izma Excellent loving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Izma
Aug 14th 2012
Narmeen Nice <3 :) Narmeen
Jul 9th 2012
sarah Excellent job !!!!!!! Sarah
Feb 23rd 2012
Saba Awesum Saba
Jul 31st 2011
Ashna Nice article=] Ashna
Jun 3rd 2011
zwaiba Dat vas a gud 1!!! Zwaiba
May 20th 2011
bushra Nice...!! Bushra
May 16th 2011
maryam GOOD JOB.....!!!! :> Maryam
May 11th 2011
Maryam Hi Areena nice try but try to write more intersting articles Maryam
May 7th 2011
 Areena Menahil....! i was also uploading my pic..but i failed..actually..they requirre only JPEG images..or GNF..! so first you'll have to change your image type..just browze piuc & select it & clich both ok's..! upper one & lower one..& kepping on clicking on both ones the proseess contenuz...otherwise..if youalso faill..than call VSHIE team on tghe no....of mobile magazine...written. Areena
May 7th 2011
 Areena Menahil....! I believe that "Man should agree with the fact" & this is a fact that you are a good writer & can be a columnist,story writer & essay writer in future..! Areena
May 7th 2011
 Areena Thankyou very much.....menahil..! & it's your right to be encouraged when you do good...we all must appreciate you. Areena
May 7th 2011
Menahil I hv a problem here./ I am trying 2 upload my image but am not able 2 do it. Can u plz explain it 2 me. I will b grateful. Thanx 4 all of yr comments on my stories. U r really encouraging me a lot. Menahil
May 7th 2011
Menahil I luv it Areena Menahil
May 7th 2011
MaazaZafar Areena baaji nice 1 .. Maazazafar
May 2nd 2011
Mehwish Well really nyc article........ =) plzzzzz comment on my articles AS WELLL Mehwish
Apr 27th 2011
Aleena Good! Aleena
Apr 26th 2011
Aisha Dear Areena nice one but u should have asked more interesting questions.but still quite good Aisha
Apr 26th 2011
Izza Hi Areena! your article is tremendous...really VSHINE has a name in kids world...!! Izza
Apr 26th 2011

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