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Ushna Umar
Ushna Umar
Da Model High School Phase 4
The Hiking Trip
Published On Feb 17th 2014
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Once a little girl named Suzan and her elder brother john decided that in their recent summer holidays they will ask their parents to plan a special holiday trip as they loved going for outings. They did as they had decided and soon their parents surprised them on the first day of their holiday that they will go for hiking on the western mountains.
On the 1st of June they set off. Suzan and john were so delighted to go. As they reached the western mountains the time by their watches by then was 4 o'clock exactly. First they looked for a hotel afterwards they decided to go on the mountains the very next morning.
The sun rose with its mighty light and there they were packing their stuff for hiking. On their way they enjoyed but their mother didn't for hiking though their father was all along with them. And then a heavy blow of wind came and little Suzan lost her grip. But amazingly she didn't shout. She stayed calm. Her brother instantly gripped her and his father supported him. Later they asked Suzan and commented on her bravery as she was falling and didn't panic. She innocently replied "I knew that if I fell you would pick me up bhaiya"
Hearing that her brother's heart filled with joy and lifted her to the skies.
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Comments 3
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 26th 2014
qurratul Good! But we donot have to keep confidence on somebody else.CHECK THAAAAAAAAAAT!I DON'T WANT TO SEE THESE SILLY MISTAKES! OKKKKKKKKKKKKKYYYYYYYY! Qurratul
Mar 31st 2014
Ahmed Gud Ahmed
Feb 25th 2014

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