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Soha Suhail
Soha Suhail
Pakturk International Schools And Colleges, Islamabad
The Fortune Cookie
Published On Feb 13th 2014
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It was a great beginning of April, the birds were chirping and the wonderful aroma of blooming flowers filled up the year. It was morning and I was very drowsy! Suddenly, my brother entered the room shouting “Hey Appi, Wake up! Have you forgotten the arts competition which will be held at school today??????” My eyes got wide open and I jumped out of the bed but something made my eyes even wider! I saw a cookie lying on my bed with a message on it. I quickly read the message and these were the words written on it: “Soha, this is a fortune cookie. Something bad will happen to you today, which you’ll never forget!”
I was frozen with horror and a cool wave moved across my backbone. I became very scared! On the breakfast table, I wanted to tell my mum all about that but I couldn’t because the school bus had arrived. The day seemed to pass very slowly. The arts competition was over and I had got the first prize but it could not reduce my anxiety. All I was thinking was about the fortune cookie. I thought who dared to do it and why!
I reached home and refreshed myself. My mum congratulated me for getting the position in the contest. I didn’t even bother to listen to her. Then my mum said in a lovely voice “Soha! When someone congratulates, you must say thank you, isn’t it?” “Why are you looking so upset? What happened?” she asked. I told her all about the cookie.
Suddenly, I broke in to tears and saw a vicious smile on my brother’s lips of which I didn’t take any notice. My mum asked me to bring that cookie and so I did. She read it and then looked at my brother and said “Whose writing is that, hmmmm?” I stared at my brother and he burst into laughter and said “APRIL FOOL!” I became very angry for a minute and looked at the calendar. It was first of April. I also started laughing and said to my brother “Well I have been advising my friends to beware, but today I caught into it myself.”
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Comments 36
Soha :) Soha
Aug 26th 2014
Ifrah Ahan! :P Ifrah
Aug 23rd 2014
Soha Hahaha so, u got it ifrah :p ;) Anyways, gud to see u here :D Soha
Aug 22nd 2014
Ifrah Hey soha!Isnt it the exam one? ;) Ifrah
Aug 22nd 2014
Soha Oh I see :D Soha
Aug 18th 2014
abeera Her name is Hoor and she is with me right now ;) Abeera
Aug 18th 2014
abeera Yes, Soha but we share the same account...... Abeera
Aug 18th 2014
Soha I am absolutely fine Bismah :) What about you? Soha
Aug 18th 2014
Soha Oh I see, Dua. Who is your sister? I meant is she a member on Vshine? Soha
Aug 17th 2014
Bismah How are u Bismah
Aug 16th 2014
abeera Good story! you know my sister is just like you ,joyful,emotional and most importantly a scorpian, me and my sister read about you and were surprised of how alike you both are...;) Abeera
Aug 15th 2014
Soha Happy Independence Day! :) May Allah bless this country with heights of peace and prosperity! :D Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Soha Oh mannnn thanks for what Laiba?? Hmm? Soha
Aug 10th 2014
Soha Oh mannnn thanks for what Laiba?? Hmm? Soha
Aug 10th 2014
Laibah Thx alot soha Laibah
Aug 10th 2014
Soha Awwww amna <3 U r also my true besttttt friend <3 Soha
May 16th 2014
Amna Soha where r u my sweet friend.......I m in touch with Nimra.....but dont know where are u?????? Plz do reply me..... My exams r finished.....yyyyyyeeeee Amna
May 15th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 10th 2014
Soha Disappointing match :'(! but green shirts, we still luv u <3 Soha
Apr 2nd 2014
Soha Yep, it never happened with me :) Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Thanks to both of u :) Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Guys am back and would like 2 request u all to pray for the Pakistani team in the T20 WORLD CUP!!!!! Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha If ur talking about them then yeah :) we use these in comments dear :) Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Anusha, I didn't understand what u mean by facebook words...... Are you talking about the similes???? Like :) :P :D XD :'( :( <3 :/ =) =( or LOLZ! etc. Hmm???? Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Amna, where are u my dear?? And I haven't seen Nimra using Vshine. Where are u both?? waiting for ur reply yarrrrrr! Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Moiz It's a very good story and today is first of April. And api your picture on Vshine is your picture when you were 6 or 7 years old! I like your picture .. Moiz
Apr 1st 2014
Abdullah Nice story sis but it never happened with you. Abdullah
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Awwwww Thanks <3 and dear Amna, I was at a camps, those same night stays etc. And before that my final exams were going on. Am very very sorry :( :( :( Now I'll try to use Vshine frequently, OK?? Watin' for ur reply....... Soha
Mar 22nd 2014
Amna Ooh nyc one.........well does that happen with you really...........???? Well,Soha u have just gone far away from me yar u r not talking to me whats the matter my dear??????? U r not in touch with me nor with Nimra. I'll be waiting for your reply Amna
Mar 12th 2014
Anusha Lol :P Facebook words :) by the way nice story Anusha
Feb 28th 2014
Soha I've got a tough routine but can never leave VSHINE :) Soha
Feb 23rd 2014
HAFSA Hhahahahhhahahahhhah nice story:) Hafsa
Feb 18th 2014
HAFSA :P hey listen soha i thought you have left vshine:) welcome backkk:) Hafsa
Feb 17th 2014
Soha :P Soha
Feb 16th 2014
Soha :P Soha
Feb 16th 2014
Laibah Hhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhhhhhhhhahahahahahah Laibah
Feb 15th 2014

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