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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
Published On Apr 23rd 2011
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The earth today is a giant laboratory in which we humans are conducting countless experiments without thinking of the affect they will have on our environment.
Pollution has become an international problem now. We humans do not think that we are polluting the environment. We just conduct our experiments and eave the environment extremely dirty.
Pollution can lead to global warming which can have a dramatic affect n the whole environment. When the ozone layer will melt because of the extreme carbon dioxide in the environment, places will become hotter causing global warming.
Global warming will mainly cause oceans to rise. When glaciers will melt, the oceans will rise causing flooding in many places. It is estimated that places such as Karachi and Bombay will become hotter and besides this 1/3 of Bangladesh will sink in the water.
Acid Rain is also increasing nowadays. When the pollution goes inside the atmosphere, it mixes with the clouds causing acid rain. This acid rain pollutes the environment even more.
Thermal pollution is also a great problem. This causes too much heating in several places. The effects of thermal pollution can be extreme hot climate and severe risks.
Land Pollution is also occurring in mainly three ways; Mining and mineral processing, chemicals in land filled sites.
Water pollution is another type too. This pollutes water causing animals and plants to die inside it.
Everyone wants to reduce pollution but many sorts of things also give us benefits as well as causing pollution. If these things are stopped how will we benefit then. Cars give us transport but cause pollution too. Factories give us different materials but how can we stop that. Killing pesticides ruins sol but grows good crops.
So it means that we need to find a good way to stop pollution. This is in our hands. We need to do this.
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Comments 16
Menahil Thank you all so much!! Menahil
May 30th 2012
Farial Pari Menahil...! you have the spirit to strive for a tremendous future..! Farial Pari
May 3rd 2011
MaazaZafar Yup i got itt.. Maazazafar
Apr 30th 2011
Menahil Finally u got it Maaza Menahil
Apr 29th 2011
MaazaZafar Oopss sorry now i know that wt iz the meaning of BSS .I think BECONHOUSE SCHOOL SYSTEM ryt. Maazazafar
Apr 29th 2011
MaazaZafar Menahil u said that u r 12 year old but now u r saying that u r in BSS well the article was very nyc n i like it alot bcz it iz informative. Maazazafar
Apr 28th 2011
Mahnoor Cool Mahnoor
Apr 27th 2011
Aisha Nice and informative Aisha
Apr 24th 2011
Menahil Thanx 4 the comment Areena. Menahil
Apr 24th 2011
Muhammad Articles are also stories, but with some social problems attached. This appears to be both a story and an article. Muhammad
Apr 24th 2011
Malaika Love it. Malaika
Apr 23rd 2011
Malaika Ha! I love your story and like you expressions. You have done a great job. Malaika
Apr 23rd 2011
Menahil Hey Areena. Yeah, I had to send it to the articles but yet, I guess there was a mistake. Yeah, i am in BSS Menahil
Apr 23rd 2011
Muhammad Great lesson oriented story... keep it up! Muhammad
Apr 23rd 2011
 Areena Menahil.....!! are you in BSS?? Areena
Apr 23rd 2011
 Areena Menahil...!! shouldn't this be an article...?? it's not a story!!'s a mistake & nobody is spare of mistakes in this world....!! Otherwise..tremendous article....!!! Areena
Apr 23rd 2011

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