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Hafsa  Irfan
Hafsa Irfan
Home Schooled
A Stitch In Time Saves Nine
Published On Feb 13th 2014
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We worked in a line, for our books to shine
Because a stitch in time saves nine
When my books feel fine, I'm on cloud nine
Because a stitch in time saves nine
I see in them plants, trees and pine
I'm through them, they're all mine
Because a stitch in time saves nine
I find them sweet as cane and sour as lime
When I see them, my heart chimes
Because a stitch in time saves nine.
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Comments 7
aeman Great yar...have u seen my poem Aeman
Apr 10th 2014
HAFSA Blog ka naam batao bhool gai main Hafsa
Feb 23rd 2014
Irum Acha chalo, kia karahi ho? pata hay, Blog pey, the pics have been uploaded of Sports Day. You should check. Hannas pictures are also there!:) Irum
Feb 23rd 2014
HAFSA Nai nai i think you didnt hear i gave the word 'lime' and 'pine' acha choro whats uup?????? Hafsa
Feb 21st 2014
Irum No you didn't. I gave two or three rhymes, but you didn't even give 1 rhyme for nine!!!:) Irum
Feb 20th 2014
HAFSA Haahhahaah pata hai mai nay ye poem kab ki editor ko bhej dee thee laiken abhee post huii hai. anyways listen everybody this is the poem made by homeschoolers and ayesha we helped almas aunty make this poem. Hafsa
Feb 17th 2014
Irum Oh, Hafsa! You copied Almas Aunty's Poem. She wrote it. Remember you told me that you would copy the poem from the website. finally tum ney copy kar lia website say!!You shud have given the credits to Almas Aunty . Because you didnt write it yourself.!!;) Irum
Feb 15th 2014

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