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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
A Good Time After Bad
Published On Apr 25th 2011
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Some people say that Math is the worst subject in this whole world. Others adore it so much that you can not even imagine it. Well, whatever. A friend of mine used to hate Math. I also don't like it but you still have to put up with it to score marks. I won't mention the name of my friend but what she used to do was, that always, bunk the class in Math period. The teacher, who was not aware of this, didn't even know about her. She told the students not to tell. She promised that she would do something wrong if they did so. Our 7th Class had just started and the first assessments were near but she didn't pay any attention. I used to talk to her about this but she just ignored it. Little, did she know that, this was what would ruin her whole reputation? When she used to bunk the class, she met three other girls, who were really bullies. They always used to keep her with themselves. Soon, she grew worse. She got bad manners. She learnt abusive language and used to scare little kids. I started to keep away from her. Well, what happened was that when our Math teacher was entering, the Marks of the math assessment, she noticed the name of my classmate. The teacher asked all of us, if we knew about her. We had to tell the truth. The same day, the Math teacher went to the ground where my classmate was hanging out with her friends. She questioned the name and when she found out who it was, she telephoned her parents. 
Her parents were horrified, that she had bunked class, but little did they know, that their daughter had ditched them. She had spent time with her friends and said that she was studying. Her mother, who was already a heart patient, immediately caught a heart attack and died. She trusted her daughter. My classmate was horrified by this. She was scolded by her father and her siblings also had a great affect on their lives. They were, so sad by this. The most intelligent one, due to mother's death, failed in her exams. Her brother became weak because of not eating for days and days. She herself got really worried.
She promised herself that she would make her family happy. She apologised to her father and stopped bunking. Soon, she found that, Math was quite a cool subject. She secured highest marks in her exams and made her family proud. Now her family is really ok.
So don't hate subjects which you dislike. Try to like them.
By the way, what is your favourite subject? Please mention in the comments.
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Comments 24
Fiza My favorite are Maths,science and English Fiza
Jun 30th 2017
Berha I find science interesting especially since we learned about neutralization recently b4 summer vacations. Berha
Jun 26th 2017
Irum You rock, DUdette!! Irum
Sep 17th 2013
Irum I loooooooove Bio!!!! Irum
Sep 17th 2013
Areeba AWESOME Menahil! I love ur stories :) Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Khadijah MATH Khadijah
Aug 27th 2012
Raniah Rlyy nicE . . . . Raniah
Jul 17th 2012
Menahil K well I am 13 years old and live in Gujranwala Menahil
Mar 10th 2012
Ali Good Story Favourite Subject Of Mine: Astronomy Ali
Jan 3rd 2012
Itachi I agree with bint Itachi
Aug 13th 2011
Saba Hmmm well mathematicss is nt diffiult jst need practice nothi else & my fav subject is physicsssss Saba
Jul 28th 2011
magisha Hey menahil i loved the story you wrote. iIlove maths,english and science.i hate social studies the most.and please tell me in which grade you are. Magisha
Jun 14th 2011
Momina I'am Momina Bhatty. I liked it alot. By the the way I've pressed the like button for this story. I like English,Math,Science,History,Islamiat and Social Studies. Momina
Jun 9th 2011
Itachi NyC story!!!! MENAHIL I hate maths but some times it is EXTRA COOL My fav subject is English Itachi
May 10th 2011
 Areena Menahil...! Great job..! Areena
Apr 30th 2011
 Areena Well...! I hate maths too much..! I wish that somehow it should die..! but thanks God..! this is my last year with maths..!! Areena
Apr 30th 2011
Muhammad Good story and yes we need to learn all subject so to master them all. Muhammad
Apr 27th 2011
Aisha My age 12 and i willbe 13 this year. what's yor age and where do u live. Aisha
Apr 26th 2011
Amir Strange her mother got a heart attack. Well mine is maths indeed Amir
Apr 26th 2011
Ahmed My fav sub maths and nothing else. never hate maths or it would become a horrible monster for you! Ahmed
Apr 26th 2011
Menahil I also mentioned not to hate which u dislike. So I have to like it. It is intersting now adays. Menahil
Apr 25th 2011
Menahil I am trying to improve on Math and trying to luv it now. Menahil
Apr 25th 2011
Menahil Thanx 4 the comment Aisha. I just made it up after reading some books on the same sub. Don't mind, but I hate Math but I luv Science. One thing is same. What yr age? Menahil
Apr 25th 2011
Aisha Nice story. Is this a true story. Dear Menahil I loved the ending of your story. My fav subject r math and science. What is your fav subject? can i be your friend? Aisha
Apr 25th 2011

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