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Minhil Bukhari
Minhil Bukhari
An Adventurous Journey
Published On Apr 23rd 2011
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         My legs were hurting and I could not continue walking more. We were hiking on the Margalla Hills. The weather was pleasant and it was cloudy, so we decided to hike.
         On the way up the track, we met with an accident. I was leading. I tripped over a rock, which I didn't see. My knee got badly bruised. I was lucky that we had brought with us the first aid box. My cousin quickly cleaned my wound and bandaged it. My uncle decided that we should go back as my leg was paining a lot and I couldn't walk any more.
         On the way back, down the Margalla Hills, a herd of wild boars suddenly appeared from behind the bushes and started chasing us. We started running down quickly, but as my wound was hurting a lot, I was behind everyone. I was thinking that the boars would catch me because of my speed but they didn't.
        Everyone got into the car and was waiting for me to get in. I quickly jumped in, and my father started the car and sped, but he didn't accelerate much as were on the hills.
        Thank God I including my family was safe from the wild boars which were very dangerous. I will always remember this adventurous journey throughout my lifetime.
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Comments 4
Zainab I lyk ur story can u plz be my friend???? Zainab
Sep 25th 2011
Minhil Sorry Muhammad there not my stories ther is also another Menahil and they r her stories not mine....she has a different picture and i hav a different 1 so u can tel which 1 is which.... Minhil
Apr 23rd 2011
Menahil Cool Menahil
Apr 23rd 2011
Muhammad Good job done and I like your stories, as there are couple others on the website.... keep it up! Muhammad
Apr 23rd 2011

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