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Minhil Bukhari
Minhil Bukhari
Facts About Animals
Published On Apr 23rd 2011
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  • The blood pressure of a giraffe is the highest in comparison to every animal species.
  • A rat can survive longer than a camel without water.
  • A giant squid’s eyes are the largest amongst animal species measuring upto 40 cm (16 inches) in diameter.
  • Australia has a population of 17 million people and 150 million sheep.
  • The population of New Zealand is 4 million people and 70 million sheep.
  • The largest giant squid ever found weighed 4 tons.
  • A lion can be defeated by a polar bear.
  • An angry horned-toad squirts blood from its eyes.
  • Most cats in Halifax (Nova Scotia) have six toes.
  • Oysters change from male to female gender several times during their lifespan.
  • Squirrels accidentally plant millions of trees, as they bury their nuts and forget where they are.
  • In one square foot or forest space you will find more insects than you can find human beings in that much space in Manhattan.
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Comments 8
Bint waseem Nice! Bint Waseem
Aug 4th 2011
Saniya Very interesting facts. Saniya
May 11th 2011
Mehwish Fabulous facts Mehwish
May 5th 2011
Farial Pari Good..! Farial Pari
May 3rd 2011
Khola Great Effort. Khola
Apr 29th 2011
Minhil Thanks Muhammad Minhil
Apr 23rd 2011
Menahil Hey, you have the same name as i do. I am Menahil too. The top article is mine. Menahil
Apr 23rd 2011
Muhammad Wonderful, as I never knew these facts before. Muhammad
Apr 23rd 2011

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