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Bilal Khoso
Bilal Khoso
Shaheen Public School
The Robot
Published On Feb 13th 2014
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An American scientist named sir. Jones invented a robot called x-ii. It was made of the latest technology and had a virtual brain controlled by Sir Jones. A Pakistani boy named Ahmed was watching this event on TV. His biggest dreams were to become a robotics expert and receive the Nobel Prize award. The very next day, he decided to make a robot that would be better than x-ii. He worked on it six years straight. Finally, on 27th march 2026, he completed it and named it was just like day, sir Jones came to Pakistan to show his robot. Ahmed decided to go there to show his robot. When he showed sir Jones badr-iii, sir jones laughed. he was followed by a huge crowd because Ahmed`s robot was 2.8 inches tall. Ahmed felt sad and went home. After sometime, x-ii started to malfunctioned and started to destroy everything. When ahmed heard this news, he set out with badr-iii to stop him. First he used his remote to try to stop x-ii but it`s defence system was too strong. Then ahmed used badr-iii to deactivate x-ii. His plan was successful. The next day, ahmed was awarded the Nobel prize award and he was now officially a robotics expert. His dreams became true.
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