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Ahmad  Akhtar
Ahmad Akhtar
Silver Oaks School System Gulraiz Rawalpindi
The Raz
Published On Feb 3rd 2014
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Long ago in the time of knights lived a great hero. He became a hero by defeating the evil dragon which had taken over there town. The hero’s name was Sir Axerlor. Sir Axerlor was also a friend of the prince of the town. One day the prince had a party. Sir Axerlor was also invited. After the party had finished the prince asked the knights of the town to stay. Sir Axerlor was in them too. The prince told the knights that he called them here for a competition .the he competition was to find the book of heroes called Razrax to win the legendary dark crystal sword.
After going in the room he saw the book in one corner but suddenly a chill ran through his spine. He knew it was the ghost. He took out his sword and hit it where he felt the spine but the ghost wasn’t there and he kept hitting the sword where ever h felt the chill. At last he shouted at the ghost to show himself. The ghost appeared in armor with a sword. He started the fight. They both fought blood to blood, sword to sword and man to ghost man and at last Sir Axerlor defeated him. Then the ghost said that that he was worthy for the book. The ghost wrote his name in the book and gave it to him. Sir Axerlor presented it in front of the prince and prince in return gave him the dark  crystal sword. After some years the prince made Sir Axerlor the new general of the town.
Sir Axerlor seemed to be interested. He left early morning. He went to the temple where it was being guarded by a ghost. That temple was full with traps. While crossing the bridge he saw a wide space open in the bridge. He couldn’t jump over it so he used a rope to get across. Sir Axerlor then heard some voices of screaming and he was sure that some of the knights had got into the trap. While crossing a room he saw some gold lying on the floor. He was gonna touch it but then he looked up and saw another trap that if he would take one gold bar some big stones would fall on him.
Then he went to the kitchen. When he opened a cupboard a skeleton fell on him. It was spooky. He somehow got out of the temple and went to the garden which led to the room where the book was. That garden was full of sleeping gas so Sir Axerlor wore his helmet. While walking he heard screaming of men coming from the house. Some of them had picked up the gold bars.
The garden was very long and he was very hungry. After the sleeping gas had gone he found himself in a place full of trees of fruits. He wanted to pick one but then he saw that the fruits were having poison on them. He went forward. Now he was close to the room. Then again he heard some screaming. Some of the knights had eaten the poisoned fruits.
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Shaheer Another part coming? Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014 Keep it up
Jun 5th 2014
Ashra GOOD Ashra
Feb 14th 2014
Ibrahim Nice Ibrahim
Feb 5th 2014

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