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Khan Ahmed
Khan Ahmed
Resource Academia
Published On Jan 31st 2014
Total Comments : 50
Total Views :  1105
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January 2014

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Comments 50
mubashra Can anyone please tell me in how many days u receive your gift? I am a winner if this month but haven't get it Mubashra
Apr 6th 2015
Ashra Amn today i recive my hammper Ashra
Jul 27th 2014
Ashra In how many days you recive your hamper Ashra
Jun 26th 2014
KHAN Get a a hamper by winning a quiz or by creating a drawing,story,poem etc that wins! Khan
Jun 25th 2014
Zaeem Good Zaeem
Jun 23rd 2014
munnazzar Amn can u tell me how do u get a hamper Munnazzar
Jun 19th 2014
Ashra Amn are you recive your gift I am also a winner of april 2014 but I did not recive my gift Ashra
Jun 3rd 2014
Irum @Saman and Amn:Why are you bickering like two-year olds??? Really childish.... Irum
Apr 4th 2014
KHAN Saman,your drawing of undersea also did not deserve to be the winner. Khan
Mar 22nd 2014
sawera Nyc & congratulations...! Sawera
Mar 17th 2014
Mubasher Amn, it's very thoughtful of you to thank the Editors. Me & Mariyam Mama are proud of you. Mubasher
Mar 17th 2014
saman This drawing does not deserved to be the winner Saman
Mar 15th 2014
KHAN To the Editors:-Thank you for the Gift Hamper and every thing else.You guys have the coolest website in this world. Khan
Mar 14th 2014
KHAN My father got the NASA's space suit for me from USA. Khan
Mar 6th 2014
Ashra 10/10 Ashra
Mar 5th 2014
sarah Ur drawing is nice but tell me how did u got nasa's space suit?? Sarah
Mar 1st 2014
Irum Don't get me wrong. my brother is not uneducated and insensitive . He's just very naughty. He's around Amn's age Irum
Feb 27th 2014
Mubasher That's ok Ayesha, I was sure an educated person could not be so rude and insensitive to call anyone an 'idiot'. Mubasher
Feb 26th 2014
Irum Sorry, my brother commented the last comment. I didnt say idiot,okay?? Irum
Feb 23rd 2014
KHAN Not a fight again and j-j-j-just stop. Khan
Feb 21st 2014
 яυмαιsα AHEM.....U see ayesha's forbidden to draw eyes and all tht crap but not cartoons as they are not in any way the same as humans..I mean look at the big eyes...and their small noses....and their perfff-ect noses..THEY ARE NOT HUMANE CHARECTERISTICS!!!!!!!!!!! яυмαιsα
Feb 20th 2014
Irum Okay okay, don't be such an idiot though!:/ Irum
Feb 20th 2014
Ashra COOL....................................... Ashra
Feb 19th 2014
Mubasher Dear both Ayeshas, You may keep believing whatever you want, that's up to you. But since we don't impose our beliefs on you, you shouldn't impose your beliefs on us. Amn is free to draw anything he wants, and being his father, I'm with him 100% on whatever he draws. Mubasher
Feb 18th 2014
Asiya Sorry for interfering, but I felt that I had to justify Ayesha Lakho!:) Asiya
Feb 18th 2014
Asiya Well, I didn't draw the picture on my profile picture, did I? And about the skull, it's not DISRESPECTING the dead!:) Asiya
Feb 18th 2014
Irum Yes, but at the cost of being a winner, you can't draw living things as it is not allowed.. Peace:) Irum
Feb 17th 2014
Mubasher Ayesha, please write the verse from Quran that says "Don't draw living things", else please don't spread the wrong interpretations of Islam. Secondly your display picture had image of a woman, who is also a living thing and also of a skull which disrespects the dead. Maybe you should first start with changing yourself first :-) Mubasher
Feb 16th 2014
Soha That's really great! Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... Soha
Feb 16th 2014
KHAN Uh......But still I am the winner!13 days left! Khan
Feb 15th 2014
Irum Dont draw living things as it is not allowed in Islam. Irum
Feb 12th 2014
KHAN 16 days left for my prize to come! Khan
Feb 11th 2014
Mubasher Everybody has a right to their opinion, in fact, it is good to get a critical opinion because that makes you look at your mistakes and improve your work. I think Aashir should also tell Amn why he doesn't like the drawing so next time Amn can make an even better drawing. Mubasher
Feb 10th 2014
 Shiza Its very very nice and I think that Aashir is really jealous of you Shiza
Feb 9th 2014
Gul Noor Why,amn you WON!!!!congratzzzzzzzz!!!!! Gul Noor
Feb 9th 2014
afifah Hey congrats! good efforts. Afifah
Feb 9th 2014
afifah Hey congrats! good efforts. Afifah
Feb 9th 2014
KHAN NO TIME FOR LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!.................... Khan
Feb 8th 2014
ajwa Cool Ajwa
Feb 8th 2014
mohammad aashir I....think you are the loser Mohammad Aashir
Feb 8th 2014
KHAN Aashir,I think you are jealous because I am the winner. Khan
Feb 8th 2014
mohammad aashir Your drawing is not good Mohammad Aashir
Feb 7th 2014
Mubasher Congratulations Amn, your drawing won!!! Mubasher
Feb 7th 2014
Feb 7th 2014
KHAN AoA Many people say not to draw eyes,kindly please don't publish these comments.Thanks for listening. :-) Khan
Feb 3rd 2014
KHAN Thanks everyone. Khan
Feb 3rd 2014
Hamza Waqas Nice Hamza Waqas
Feb 2nd 2014
Mubasher It's looking good Amn. Mubasher
Feb 2nd 2014
Mohib Nice panda Mohib
Feb 1st 2014
Affan Nyc drawn Affan
Feb 1st 2014

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