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Hibba Haq
Hibba Haq
Lahore Grammar School
Published On Feb 1st 2014
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Comments 20
Nimra Aww sho sweet of u.! :** Nimra
Sep 22nd 2014
hibba Muaahhh :* Hibba
Sep 18th 2014
Nimra Ohh np dear love you too...! :* Nimra
Sep 14th 2014
hibba Okay nimra! and im ur frnd.. :) luv u and thnkuuu so much! :* Hibba
Sep 10th 2014
Nimra Heyy hibba em new one for u but old at vshine..! :) well i just wanna say thats ur drawing is very gud.. keep it up..!? :) ohh yess and if u wanna be my one of the best friend on vshine then u plz accept my request and start talking to me..! :) hope u understand clearly what em trying to sayy..!? :) ;) Nimra
Sep 9th 2014
hibba Thnku so much azka!!! ur sister's name is also hibba??!?! that so cool :) Tooba yes m talking abt a gmail or an hotmail..!! plz give me i will msg u and v can b frds :) in my profile pic, the first one is my frnd and i am the 2nd one ^_^ Hibba
Jul 20th 2014
Tooba Yes i have an email and who is on your profile pic are you talking about gmail or hotmail Tooba
Jul 12th 2014
Azka Hibba dear u r really n artist i luv ur drawing keep up d good work says sister of another hiba lol ;D ;D ;D Azka
Jul 4th 2014
hibba :( oh sadddyy do u have an email? Hibba
May 26th 2014
Tooba No i am not on fb Tooba
May 24th 2014
Tooba No hibba i am not on facebook Tooba
May 24th 2014
hibba :) ty tooba u on fb? Hibba
May 22nd 2014
Tooba Amazing Tooba
May 16th 2014
Tooba Oh my goodness awesome yar Tooba
May 16th 2014
hibba Ohh thnk u sofia ! Hibba
Feb 9th 2014
sofia No words to describe Sofia
Feb 6th 2014
hibba Thnxxx Hibba
Feb 2nd 2014
hibba Thnxxx Hibba
Feb 2nd 2014
Mohib Nice Mohib
Feb 1st 2014
hibba My first painting on vshine Hibba
Feb 1st 2014

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