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Maryam Imran
Maryam Imran
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizadry
Forgiveness Is A Virtue
Published On Feb 1st 2014
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Once upon a time there lived a boy whose name was Rohan. Rohan was a very intelligent, respectful, patience and polite boy. However, in school, he was always being bullied because his teacher liked him so much and he wasn't much popular and cool.  His bitter enemy's name was Sid. Rohan's school years passed with much difficulty but in the end his school days were over and he had become a college student.
One day, while Rohan was going back home from college, he heard a voice. At first, he thought his mind was playing tricks on him as he was tired, so he ignored it and kept on walking. But the voice became more loud and made Rohan stop in his tracks. It was the voice of someone crying. Suddenly the voice was just near him. He took a good glance of his surroundings and saw a boy in a hole, who was crying for help. He recognized the boy as Sid. But as he was a good boy, he stretched his hand and helped Sid out. Sid thanked Rohan and was about to walk away, when he turned around and gasped. At that time he recognized Roan. He spluttered out," Rohan, is that you?" “Yes, it's me," said Rohan. “But I always bullied and tortured you so why did you help me out today?" Rohan smiled and said," My dear friend, if someone annoys or bully’s someone, the other shouldn't take revenge but instead forgive them." Sid had tears in his eyes. He asked Rohan," Do you forgive me? I'm really and truly very sorry. Please forgive me." Rohan said," Of course, I forgive you.  Friends?"  Sid said," of course,"  And from that day on both of them became firm friends.
Moral: Don't annoy anyone but if someone does to you don't take revenge but forgive them.wink
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Comments 5
qurratul GOOOOOD ! MAGAAAR yaar Maryam mere yeih problem,masla hai k mere I.D MY STUFF mein sirf The Ka'abah he hai . Jabke mein ne 1 joke aur 7-8 drawings bhi bhejien hain .Magar ab hi woh mere I.D k MY STUFF mein nahin aaya!Kioun?Aur tum ne kese itni saari cheezin bhejin?Aur yeh tumhari I.D mein kese aagain?Please yaar mera yeh problem solve kaar do aur taafsiil aur jaldi batana ? SACHAY DOST AISAY HE HOTAY HAIN !!!!!!!!!!!! Qurratul
Apr 27th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 22nd 2014
mahrukh Well done!!!!KEEP IT UP........... Mahrukh
Apr 18th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Mar 31st 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Mar 31st 2014

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