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Sarah Ahmad
Sarah Ahmad
The Mystery Of The Closed Locker
Published On Feb 1st 2014
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The night we moved to Attock was great all went well but the next morning when we all had our breakfast; I went to take a trip of my home. It was great I went to all the rooms the attic and the balconies. That entire day mist surrounded the house and it was lovely all day long. When i have completed the tour i came across the basement door.
I remembered very well that i haven’t visited the basement i went to the door and opened it. It was difficult to open the door at first but it creaked open.
It was a small room and only had a locker in the middle. I went toward the locker and tried to open it but the handle was really tight. I placed my ear carefully on the locker's door and tapped the door, but to my horror something tapped in return I was horrified and ran upstairs to my parent's room.
That night I got courage to go to the locker again and try to find out about the knocking. I was dresses in my night dress and slowly put on my shoes. I took the torch from my drawer and started off towards the basement. When i reached the basement door it was open.
I went inside and found the locker door partially open. How could it be open? The question surrounded my mind. I went towards the locker door and knocked it. The same knock came again. My hair stood up and i was frightened to death but i became patient and opened the door ....................................... do u know what it was? They were mice who were knocking at the locker door, nothing else.
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Comments 5
Tooba Good Tooba
Mar 31st 2014
sarah Thanks i think i am too late sending this Sarah
Mar 1st 2014
Anusha Nice Anusha
Feb 28th 2014
Amal Nice Amal
Feb 14th 2014
sofia Good Sofia
Feb 6th 2014

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