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Affan Faisal
Affan Faisal
The Cheater Boy
Published On Feb 1st 2014
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Once there was a boy named Ravul. He was in grade 5 and was 11 years old. Ravul lived with his mom and dad. He always cheated in exams. That's why he got full marks in tests. The boy who sits beside Ravul was very intelligent. His name was Yuri. He always came 1st besides Ravul. Ravul used to cheat his paper. Yuri didn't notice that because he always concentrated on his exam neither did Ravul's parent. Ravul was happy that he got to sit with him.
 One day the teacher said, "Today, we will change your partners and your desk positions. Yuri you move forward to Matt, and Matt you come where Ravul is sitting. As soon as Ravul heard it he got angry because Matt always got 75% on his test always, and also if he got 75% everytime the teacher will know he cheats. Then again teache began to say the sitting plan. "Abdul you go backwards to Manav and Manav please move forward to Zigby."
When the teacher announced she said, "Work on your chemistry posters."
After an hour it was home time. When Ravul reached home he looked in his agenda that tomorrow is final exams. Those final exams were very hard. If you pass them yuo will promte to grade 6 and if you fail you would again do grade 5. "Oh no!" yelled Ravul in frustration.
"Ravul, what happened?" asked his mom. "Um, nothing mom just was......"Ok, I get it you spilled water again. Why do you spill it?" said his mom.
Ravul didn't answered and got upset. He started to think what to do. But then he decided I will give exam and try my best and practiced. Ravul then started practicing. While he was practicing he slept.
The next day, he woke up and went to school. This time exam was in first period. When the teacher handed out the sheet she said, " You can begin."
This time Ravul didn't cheat. When he was done the exam he handed it to the teacher. That night Ravul was thinking his result. The next morning the teacher handed out the exam. When she handed out Ravul's exam, he stared at it. He got 93%. He passed by 3%. When he got home his mom was a little mad. She asked, "Why did you got low marks?"
Ravul then explained her mom and he told his teacher and Yuri about it. Now, Ravul learnt his lesson and never cheated again.
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Comments 6
Urooj Hmmm nice🤗🤗🤗 Urooj
Jul 11th 2017
Maikham Good Maikham
Mar 12th 2014
Anusha Nice moral story Anusha
Feb 28th 2014
mahrukh A good moral story Mahrukh
Feb 16th 2014
Mehdi Good moral lesson Mehdi
Feb 8th 2014
Ahmad Nice story. i like it Ahmad
Feb 2nd 2014

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