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Eman Ali
Eman Ali
The Day She Left
Published On Feb 1st 2014
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It was December 13 2013 I remember it so well; it was like a classic fairytale. I was in school till 4 pm I’m on my way back I see a poor boy eating food. He was eating with a look of such gratefulness that it really made me happy just to see. I reached home and the moment i do i know I it had happened.
This was the first time in years. I broke into tears .I had considered the possibility. When last night she was feeling extremely sick. And I still remember how i gave her some food and there she was sitting on the trunk with the most helpless expression. She was so tired that she couldn’t even eat. I had a feeling in my heart .The same feeling you have when you’re being ripped into pieces by a pack of hyenas. Yet it was so subtle that it was even worse. I come to the cemented backyard and there in a green, plastic laundry basket I see her .Still wrapped in the towel put on top of her last night. She was feeling extremely cold and I simply couldn’t bear to see her suffer .so I picked her up. Wrapped her in pink towel, embroidery with yellow chicks and chickens. Tucked her in the basket I had a feeling it would be our last night together .So I patted her on the head a bit and told her that she was and always will be my favorite
The day she went. The day my cat went. (True story)
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Comments 4
Anusha Awww so sa Anusha
Feb 28th 2014
eman LIZZ was her name Eman
Feb 26th 2014
Amal Very SAD :(..... Amal
Feb 14th 2014
eman Awwww..thats so sad :( what was its name? Eman
Feb 2nd 2014

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