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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
Stop Fighting On Laptops!!!
Published On Apr 20th 2011
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We ran out of the room before Dad could catch hold of us. None of us glanced back to see the damage which we had done. Dad was infuriated when he saw; his laptop on the floor smashed to pieces. My sister and I hid outside the room. Dad was red in the face. I had no idea, about this. The only thing, I knew was, me and my sister were fighting over the laptop and she tried to get hold of it. I tried to filch it and suddenly, it slipped from our hands. Without seeing what happened we ran away.
Dad yelled to call us. We came in and when we saw, what had happened, we were really ashamed.  My sister started to sob.  I was too startled. I tried to stay calm but how could I? Dad started to question us that why we had done this. He also scolded us. We both went to our room weeping and feeling guilty.
     We decided to save up our pocket money and also earn some by running errands for people and no matter, what happened, we would get Dad a new laptop. Dad did not buy a new one as he was convinced about other tribulations. The house rents were increasing and he also had to buy a new car.  At the end of six months, we had new car. We also gifted Dad a new laptop. He was very proud of us.
     Now we never fight on Laptops!!!
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Comments 26
Areeba Fantastic Menahil! Plz accept my friend request :) Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Menahil The story's not real Arifa..... i could never smash a laptop.............or could I.... Menahil
Apr 11th 2013
arifa Very nice...but was the laptop really SMASHED INTO PIECES?? and u guys were only SCOLDED 4 that?? but it's excellent(the story not the happening)! :D Arifa
Nov 6th 2012
Menahil Wht do u mean fatima! Menahil
Oct 11th 2012
Tooba Momina u r really rude!!!! Tooba
Aug 7th 2012
Raniah Nyc.. :D Raniah
Jul 2nd 2012
Menahil Thanx 4 the comments. Good or bad thanx 4 da opinion Menahil
Jan 11th 2012
Momina LAME! Momina
Jun 13th 2011
Aisha Nice story but dear Menahil I think that u should have added a little more interest in it but still keep it up. Aisha
Apr 24th 2011
Menahil Thanx Areena. Menahil
Apr 24th 2011
Menahil Thanx Zahra Menahil
Apr 24th 2011
Menahil IZZA, what test are you talking about, assessments or exams. Menahil
Apr 24th 2011
Menahil U r right areena Menahil
Apr 23rd 2011
Muhammad This is one of the greatest stories that I have ever read. Keep this spirit alive and do upload more if you have like these! Muhammad
Apr 23rd 2011
Izza ALEENA..! WHO ARE YOU????? Izza
Apr 23rd 2011
Izza Excuse me ALEENA....!! I am not familiar with you...who are you?? Izza
Apr 23rd 2011
Izza By the many marks you've secured in your test?? Izza
Apr 23rd 2011
Izza No menahil...!!! I'm not in BSS instead I'm in ASS....!! Izza
Apr 23rd 2011
 Areena Well Done Menahil..!! keep your mind on creative bloom....!!! am I right?? Areena
Apr 23rd 2011
Zahra Fantastic! Zahra
Apr 22nd 2011
Menahil Thanx 4 yr comments Menahil
Apr 22nd 2011
Menahil Oh. Izza so u r in BSS 2. Menahil
Apr 22nd 2011
Aleena Hello Izza! why are you not replying me????? Aleena
Apr 22nd 2011
Izza Menahil! good effort & by the way........I'm happy to know that you are in BSS....!!! Izza
Apr 21st 2011
Menahil Thanx 4 the comment and now u r gonna hv an even great story ahead of ya. Menahil
Apr 21st 2011
Ahmed Wow good story Ahmed
Apr 20th 2011

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