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Mahnoor Mumtaz
Mahnoor Mumtaz
Army Public School
An Animal Story
Published On Feb 2nd 2014
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Sitting on the edge of a windowsill with shinning grey eyes, and black and white body was a bird. Soft, sweet and innocent. At last, he was free, free to fly, free to eat, and free to do anything. After all those years in cage he was free. He was so happy. He flew and flew until he got tired. All day he had been flying and now the sun was going out. And then a thought occurred in his mind. Where will he stay at night? He had always lived in a cage and didn’t know how to make a nest. He flew a little and from there he saw an empty nest which looked as if nobody had lived in it for years for there was dust everywhere. He thought that he would stay here, just then he saw some beans on the ground. He was only a few inches from the beans when a cat attacked him. But luckily he didn’t get hurt and flew away as fast as he could. He stayed at his nest for a whole day and the cat sat beside the tree at the same time. When the night came the bird got hungry and looked but there was no one around not even the bird. He climbed down flying from branch to branch but very carefully. And it was the last time he flew. There came a loud scream and everything went silent.
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Comments 9
Tooba Great Tooba
May 21st 2014
Maikham I like it !!! Maikham
Mar 13th 2014
Anusha Nice and amazing Anusha
Feb 28th 2014
Amal Goood Amal
Feb 14th 2014
Munkashay GOOOOD! :) Munkashay
Feb 7th 2014
sofia Yah its good Sofia
Feb 6th 2014
Mahnoor Thanku Eman :) Mahnoor
Feb 3rd 2014
eman Great work :) Eman
Feb 2nd 2014
Mahnoor Everyone please comment it's my first story. I HOPE U GUYS LIKE IT Mahnoor
Feb 2nd 2014

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