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Affan Faisal
Affan Faisal
Leduc Junior High
The Diamond Robbery Part 1
Published On Feb 2nd 2014
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It was 10:00 pm; Holmes was in his office making a cup of coffee. Suddenly, he heard someone putting mail in his mailbox. When Holmes went out to check he saw no one except for the mailbox, it was opened. When he took the mail out he went back in his office and started to read it.
Hi Holmes,
I need your help to solve a very big mystery. The National Museum that had a very expensive diamond, it has been stolen. Please tell me if you can help me. We have no other detectives helping us. It is just us. The secret case name is The Diamond Robbery. After the robbery the museum is closed so we have no problem for investigating. You will make the case file. I have a blank case file. The case file number: #3579. Thank you.
Dr. Watson
Holmes called Watson, “Hi Watson, You mailed me this letter about this mystery. I can help you with this mystery.” “Thanks”, said Watson. “I am heading to the museum to get evidence, come with me.”, said Holmes. “Ok”, said Watson. Then Holmes headed to the museum. He met Watson over there. They were in disguise so the guard cannot recognize them. They were in a disguise of a reporter. They said to the guard, “I am a reporter; we will report this robbery on TV. “ I need your ID”, said the cranky guard. Holmes and Watson showed there fake ID cards. “Fine you can go”, said the guard. When they went in they took their fingerprint scanner out and scanned the glass box. The diamond was displayed in the glass box. When the guard walked in to check, they acted like they were reporting. When the guard walked back to the door Holmes started scanning the glass box. When Holmes scanned the glass box middle part the red light started blinking. “Hey, Watson I found a fingerprint.’’, said Holmes. Watson took out his fingerprint kit and started testing it. He said, “The fingerprint is from a man who is about 30 years old.” Then Holmes and Watson came back to the door and said, “Reporting done.” They went back to Holmes office. Watson was testing the fingerprint in Holmes lab while Holmes was writing the report. It was 1:00am so Watson and Holmes decide to take more evidence. In the museum there was no one except for the bulldog. The bulldog was a guard dog. The other guard went home. When they reached there, the dog was sleeping but still they didn’t go from the door because the alarm will go off. So they went from the staff door. They opened the door with Holmes’ pocket knife. “The thief is really smart”, said Holmes. “Yeah”, said Watson. When they opened the door they saw lots of storage. When they reached the door that opens to the museum, Watson saw a glove on the floor. Watson said, “This glove might be the thief’s.” “Maybe”, said Holmes. Before they put it in the evidence bag they scanned it with the fingerprint scanner. “It matched”, said Holmes. They opened the door and tip toed to the glass box, where the diamond was displayed and started looking for clues around that area. Suddenly, the guard dog woke up and started barking.
But still he didn’t know that Watson and Holmes were there. When Watson rechecked the glass box, he saw a small lift attached to it. “Hey, Holmes I found a clue.” said Watson. “I think the thief made a remote control lift o take the diamond out.” said Holmes. “I think so”, said Watson. “Let’s see where this small lift end up.”, said Holmes. Watson took out the lift while Holmes was figuring out where it ends up. When Holmes reached the basement he saw a tiny hole on the roof. Holmes called, “Hey, Watson I found this hole in the basement, I think if you open it you will hear me.” “Ok, I will open it.”, said Watson. When Watson took out everything he called Holmes, “Holmes, I did it say something from that hole.” “Ok”, said Holmes. “Hello, Can you hear me”, said Holmes. “Yes I can.”, said Watson. Then Holmes looked for clues in the basement while Watson was looking for clues in the glass box. Holmes found another glove same as they saw in the storage.
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Comments 2
Mehdi I like Sherlock Holmes mystery stories. Mehdi
Feb 8th 2014
KHAN Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Good Khan
Feb 3rd 2014

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