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Riko Tachibana
Riko Tachibana
Suna High School
Spongebob Theory
Published On Feb 2nd 2014
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Hey Guyzzz….Look At my SpoNgEbOb TheoRy…P.S NOT STOLEN (If it’s anywhere on the net then it’s mine like on quotev or other websites)
I have been a hater of SpongeBob SquarePants for years and I think that the depth of the characters is one of the things that really makes this show work. Ever since I heard Mr. Lawrence say that Stephen Hillenburg based the 7 main characters on the 7 Deadly Sins, I couldn't help but be very fascinated. I think I've figured out which sin matches each character. Maybe some of you would know about the 7 sins from full metal alchemist brotherhood.
1. Sloth - Patrick: Sloth is the sin of laziness, or of unwillingness to act. Obviously, this is Patrick. He lies under a rock all the time and doesn't really do anything. In fact, in the episode "Big Pink Loser", he got an award for doing nothing the longest.
2. Wrath - Squidward: Wrath involves feelings of hatred and anger. Squidward hates his life, usually hates SpongeBob, and is angry most of the time.
3. Greed - Mr. Krabs: Obviously, Mr. Krabs is greedy and desires money. How could Greed not be Krabs? He actually sang about the power of greed in "Selling Out".
4. Envy - Plankton: Plankton is envious of Mr. Krabs, because The Krusty Krab is a success, while The Chum Bucket is a failure. His envy drives him to try to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.
5. Gluttony - Gary: I actually think this one is pretty funny. Did you ever notice the running gag in SpongeBob, where they say "don't forget to feed Gary" or Sponge says "I gotta go feed Gary"? Gary even ran away
when SpongeBob forgot to feed him. Gluttony usually refers to the overindulgence of food, so I'm guessing this one fits him pretty well.
6. Pride - Sandy: Sandy takes a lot of pride in who she is and where she comes from. She takes pride in the fact that she is from Texas, and likes to let everyone know it. She also takes pride in the fact that she is a mammal and a land creature, For example, the episode, "Pressure", where she tried to prove that "land critters" are better than "sea critters".
7. Lust - SpongeBob: Okay, I know what you're thinking. It does seem a little weird and curious at first, but I have given it a lot of thought. Lust in one definition is "excessive love of others". I think this one works best for SpongeBob. He shows his love of others with his over eagerness to do well and help people. If anything is true about SpongeBob, it's that he loves everyone around him, even if they don't exactly love him back.
So this is what I came up with. I don't know what anybody else thinks. Oh, by the way, try not to analyze cartoons too much, especially SpongeBob
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Comments 29
 яυмαιsα Tell me when you finish it Ayesha. I am eagerly waiting~ яυмαιsα
Jun 27th 2014
Irum I saw the first few episodes of Angel Beats and they were sort of interesting. This really wasn't what I was expecting. It's just... AWESOME!! Especially since I really am in love with the concept of angels and afterlife and stuff... Irum
Jun 25th 2014
 яυмαιsα Well talk about itt!! Its the same in my house~well except I m 14 and if you ask me about anime-my reaction will be that of your brothers!! яυмαιsα
Jun 21st 2014
Irum Well, I am flattered. And, yeah, everyone in our family thinks it's weird that a 17 year old guy loves this anime stuff. My mother always tells him to 'grow up'. And he was so excited that I was finally even asking about the anime stuff! He looked like an excited little two-year old kid.. Irum
Jun 21st 2014
 яυмαιsα Ayesha you literally you are the person that I love the most on this website, i am totally not kidding, you understand our feelings well. And wow, am I surprised to hear that your brother loves anime, it feels so unreal, but anything is possible in this dreaded world. Like the birth of those muggles*hints toward Tooba and suhaib* яυмαιsα
Jun 19th 2014
Irum Yeah, sure, I see what you're saying. People should respect other people's choices and stuff. Before I read your comment, I thought that you guys weren't THAT serious about your fangirling. But after reading it, I know that you guys are also like us. Books and anime both are equally awesome. I will be sure to check those cartoons which you recommended. I guess I'll have to ask my older brother about them, too. Thank God I have a person in my house who loves anime. At least he can guide me. Irum
Jun 19th 2014
 яυмαιsα Characters* яυмαιsα
Jun 18th 2014
 яυмαιsα And ayesha, these cartoons are not animated just like that, first the whole story is written, the animating companies, if they get impressed by it, they make an anime outta it. They have emotions, more emotion than a book holds, just watch it in japanese, they have eng subtitles so no worries, the voice actor just makes everything soo real. And some anime characters are soo good looking, their personalities are just soo beautifully described, like a book, the past of those charecters is told, we get attached to them, just like we do in a book, its not that different but still. Fangirls fell in love with the characters, they write lovely fantasies about them spending their life with the characters, I read many fred weasley or greg weasly love stories, stories about how my life had been in hogwarts, how I would feel living within the districts, with hunger games being held, these are all written after falling in love with the books, the characters, but anime does the same effect, its not a cartoon, not a childs play, it potrays human emotions soo beautifully, I often cry while watching a character die. Just like how books have the effect on me, I feel like I am living with the characters, breathing with them, laughing at their happiness crying at their sorrow, its just so beautiful, it makes me forget about reality, I am not just talking about anime, I am talking about books and anime, both are in their own ways marvellous, I like books better too, but I love anime too. You should watch shingeki no kyojin or clannad or for a starter, angel beats is a good choice. I hope you understand me dear, not being rude, totally not!! яυмαιsα
Jun 18th 2014
 яυмαιsα She meant it like a joke tooba, like she was soo mad at her brother to like comment about her, its a long story!! яυмαιsα
Jun 18th 2014
fatimah U stupid shuck face its not her bro its her who passed away, n what do u care go wipe the rubbish of ur bro.... Fatimah
Jun 17th 2014
Tooba Does any one knows that rikos brother is dead or not because rumaisa has written dead for now Tooba
Jun 17th 2014
Irum I can see some fangirls here!!!! I seriously don't know why you like Japanese or Chinese cartoons or whatever. My brother just looooves them too. *weirdness overloaded* Ahem, anywaaaaay, Hina aka Riko just died , so I should be respectful, right?? I'm sorry you died.. Whooopps, wrong thing to say. And back to the fangirling thing, I think it's better to fangirl over English novels , Young-adult ones, because whenever I even try to watch an episode of this Manga stuff, in five minutes, I start to get a headache and pick a book and get lost in my own world. Honestly, no offence, but I think it's easier to love a character of a book than a movie or cartoon, you know what I mean? Books capture our emotions easier than a movie does. Even when I see a movie based on the books I read, I just don't cry or get emotional in the dying scenes, but in the books, I cry ALL the time.. Not wanting to start a fight, but, uhhh just wanted to say what I was thinking, whatever.... Irum
Jun 16th 2014
 яυмαιsα Oh riko, I am so sad to hear about this, I wish u were still here with us. Live ur life happily in Jannah. яυмαιsα
May 7th 2014
Munkashay I will miss you Riko. May you rest in peace (Ameen) and do have fun in Jannah! Munkashay
May 1st 2014
Riko Omg...neji and itachi are my favourite from naruto, and when neji died i was like bawling like a lil' child.I really love neji he is sooo cute and nice and kind and everything!! Riko
Apr 13th 2014
Munkashay Just like I love Neji Hyuuga from Naruto, he is shooooo AWESOME!!!! Munkashay
Apr 12th 2014
Apr 5th 2014
Munkashay Oh.... by the way, do you absolutely love Levi? Munkashay
Apr 5th 2014
Riko Yeah fake real name starts with "H" actually!!! Riko
Mar 27th 2014
Munkashay Wait a sec.... I should say these: Cool theory; Cool DP; and cool fake name! Munkashay
Mar 23rd 2014
Riko DONT WORRY MY DEAR...and GOD DO U LOVE LEVI...omg u have his dp toooo...i love him...and i love u 4 tht!!!!!!!!!!!! Riko
Feb 24th 2014
 яυмαιsα Oh read ur comment....haha no probs...brothers are weirdo's anyway...but wht do u mean he is DEAD FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!! яυмαιsα
Feb 24th 2014
 яυмαιsα Umm...riko....why are commenting on ur own stories...lik saying they are awsum..thts weird...BUT I LOVE LEVI TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! яυмαιsα
Feb 24th 2014
Riko I am sorry...this was my brother hecking up the things.....u know commenting on my own things and answering my own bro's dead for now so i will be fine i guess..... Riko
Feb 24th 2014
Riko Wait is that rivaille......GOD I LOVE HIM....BTW whts wid u commenting and complementing urself riko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Riko
Feb 22nd 2014
Riko Lol..."MUHAHAHAH THTS WHAT I DO"...jk Rumaisa Riko
Feb 8th 2014
 яυмαιsα my whole chilhood is ruined jk яυмαιsα
Feb 5th 2014
 яυмαιsα Thnx Amn..... яυмαιsα
Feb 5th 2014
KHAN Good Khan
Feb 3rd 2014

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