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Affan Faisal
Affan Faisal
The Big Big Monsters
Published On Jan 18th 2014
Total Comments : 16
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Once upon a time there were 3 big monsters. They crashed the whole world and there was a storm and the storm hit all of the big gigantic monsters. 1 monster bumped his head; the second monster broke his arm, the third monster got worried. The three monsters went to the hospital and the doctor was bad so the doctor killed the monsters.
The End
This story is made by my brother. I wrote it but he told me what to write.
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Comments 16
saniyah Very poor story Saniyah
Jun 30th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 22nd 2014
Affan My brother wrote it through my account Affan
Jan 24th 2014
Ahmad Nice storry affan but it was very short story but i liked it. Ahmad
Jan 23rd 2014
Ashra Perfect Ashra
Jan 23rd 2014
Laibah Dear readers of vshine pls press ctrl,alt and the down arrow key at the same time Laibah
Jan 22nd 2014
Laibah Ok affan Laibah
Jan 22nd 2014
KHAN Nice Khan
Jan 22nd 2014
HAFSA Ajwa plz dont are a very rude girl Hafsa
Jan 21st 2014
Affan Guys, I My brother was saying type this and what he said i was typing it. he is in grae 1...6 years he has a new account..the first comment, he commented it Affan
Jan 20th 2014
Affan My brother is in grade 1 Affan
Jan 20th 2014
irza You mean you can write a better story. Irza
Jan 20th 2014
ajwa So not cool Ajwa
Jan 19th 2014
Affan Laibah I wote it but my brother told what to write he is in grade 1.... Affan
Jan 19th 2014
Laibah Um, i dont get it Laibah
Jan 19th 2014
Mohib I write this story i told my brother what to write Mohib
Jan 18th 2014

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