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Mehwish Khan
Mehwish Khan
Ladybird Grammar School Cambridge Campus
What Causes Global Warming?
Published On Apr 17th 2011
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April 2011

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Life on earth depends on energy from the sun. About 30 percent of the sunlight that beams toward Earth is deflected by the outer atmosphere and scattered back into space. The rest reaches the planet's surface and is reflected upward again as a type of slow-moving energy called infrared radiation. The heat caused by infrared radiation is absorbed by "greenhouse gases" such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone and methane, which slows its escape from the atmosphere. Although greenhouse gases make up only about 1 percent of the Earth's atmosphere, they regulate our climate by trapping heat and holding it in a kind of warm-air blanket that surrounds the planet. This phenomenon is what scientists call the "greenhouse effect." Without it, scientists estimate that the average temperature on Earth would be colder by approximately 30 degrees Celsius, far too cold to sustain our current ecosystem
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Comments 13
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 3rd 2014
Jun 4th 2011
Fizza Congratulations Mehwish. A very informative article. keep up the hard work. Fizza
May 27th 2011
 Areena Oh my god...!! hanea..!! menahil has commented on mehwish's article by saying cute..! it's not her rticle's name...!! understand..?? Areena
May 11th 2011
Itachi Menahili want to read ur artical called Cute but i couldn't find it can u pleaseeee send me it's link Itachi
May 10th 2011
Aleena Good! and congrats! Aleena
May 1st 2011
MaazaZafar Mehwish tremendous job and congrats bcz u r the winner... Maazazafar
May 1st 2011
Zernab CONGRATULATIONS Mehwish! COOL! Zernab
May 1st 2011
 Areena Menahil..! don't mind..but have you ever seen an article "cute"...your comment doesn't make any sense... Areena
Apr 27th 2011
 Areena Mehwish! here's my comment on your article....your article is tremendous..!! excellent job..keep it up..!! Areena
Apr 27th 2011
Menahil Cute Menahil
Apr 22nd 2011
Khola Nice to read !! Khola
Apr 21st 2011
Khola Nice to read !! Khola
Apr 21st 2011

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