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Bushra Hafeez Dayo
Bushra Hafeez Dayo
Roshan Tara Model Higher Secondary School, Ghotki
An Adventure Dream
Published On Jan 17th 2014
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It was the day I had fever and my mother was sewing clothes. Father went out to buy medicines & my mom and my pet Kitty were out of my room. I got bored in my room so I threw myself on the bed & beside it was placed an aquarium. Lying on my bed I looked on the fishes. All of them including jellyfish and starfish were looking upset. I closed my eyes for just a second & as I opened my eyes I was puzzled. I was with the marine life. Yes, exactly, I was in water and I had turned into a mermaid. I was on the little bed of fishes. Actually they had lost their queen “Mermaid Aleena” and I resembled with her. They were looking sad and asked me to save her. They behaved with me as I was their queen. They said, “Your majesty! We have lost our queen and we request you to become our queen unless queen Aleena is found.” Then they wore me a crown. “But how did you lose her?” I interrupted. They told sadly, “we were having the party of new year and suddenly the Crab Jojo came & ordered the queen to hand him her crown but she neglected & he took our queen away from us. He warned us but we tried to chase him and he killed our starfish ‘Jolly’. Now, your majesty! Please help us to save her.” I accepted. They told me that Crab Jojo lived in the cave house next to their area. We made a plan. They told me that there is great power in the crown but they couldn’t use it, they asked me to use that and kill the crab.
That evening, we went there secretly. Crab was sleeping outside and queen was closed in the room. I ordered fishes to bring the queen out. Suddenly the crab awoke and I wore the crown. At that moment queen came out and stayed with us. “you wicked people! I will not leave you. I will kill you all and you will not think even to touch her!” he said angrily. “But she is with us not with you Jojo.” I said and he was astonished to see the queen with us. “Hurry up! Just press the button at the centre of the crown and attack him. Hurry up, hurry up!” the queen ordered. I did it perfectly well. With the crown’s power he had died and gone forever. “Hurrah! We won.” Everyone cheered loudly and specially queen was happy and she thanked me by saying, “If you had not come, I wouldn’t have been free from him. You deserve to be a queen like me.” She offered me by saying, “Would you like to be with us forever?” I sighed and thought for a while and then said to them, “I can’t leave my family. If I don’t go in my world then my parents will be upset forever and I don’t want to hurt them. Please permit me to go to my world & send me there.” She accepted. I wished bye to all and went into a big hole. I reached my room and turned back from mermaid into a normal girl, lying on my bed. When I looked at the aquarium, all the fishes were very happy. I told my whole dream to my Mom and she was impressed and said, “God bless you honey, you are very kind in your real life as well as in your dreams.” Immediately my father came and the medicines had remembered us my fever. Mom checked my fever but it had completely gone. Isn’t it a surprise guys?
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Comments 17
Bushra Hafeez Thnx once againnnnnn Bushra Hafeez
May 15th 2014
Tooba Its awesome story Tooba
Apr 22nd 2014
Bushra Hafeez Thnku so much :) Bushra Hafeez
Apr 1st 2014
Tooba Awesome story Tooba
Mar 31st 2014
Bushra Hafeez Thnxxxxxxxx Bushra Hafeez
Feb 25th 2014
shriheeran Fantastic Shriheeran
Feb 19th 2014
Bushra Hafeez Thnx alllll well anam i wish 2 be........... :) Bushra Hafeez
Feb 3rd 2014
Zuhaa Nice dream/imagination :p Zuhaa
Jan 29th 2014
Jan 27th 2014
Anam it's very awesome....u should be the winner Anam
Jan 26th 2014
Anusha Awesome story Anusha
Jan 22nd 2014
KHAN I like it very much Khan
Jan 22nd 2014
irza Is it real or am i hearing awesome imagination Irza
Jan 20th 2014
ajwa Gudd Ajwa
Jan 19th 2014
Laibah Very nice Laibah
Jan 19th 2014
Mohib I like it Mohib
Jan 18th 2014
Affan Nice story Affan
Jan 17th 2014

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