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Esha Hassan
Esha Hassan
Sultan Muhammad Shah
Talking Animals
Published On Jan 14th 2014
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January 2014

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One night when I was sleeping I heard noises so I ignored them and tried to sleep again but then the voice start to sound louder so I thought I should go and check who is talking so loudly so I just get out of my bed and wear my slippers and walk out of the room. First I went to the second room which was in front of my room I knocked it no one answered me so I opened the door, there was a paper in which was written “ Dear Iysha, your dad and I have gone on shopping. We will come back in no time. We tried to tell you but you were sleeping so we thought we should not woke you up so we left this letter in our room Signed your mother”. So I went to my big brother Zeeshan’s room I knocked it so he said “come in” I said to him “Did you heard a voice?” he said “Yes, I think it is coming from Muhammad’s room”. Muhammad is my small brother. I went in Muhammad’s room and said “Did you hear a strange voice?” he said “yes, I think it is coming from the kitchen” I said “okay thanks” and went to kitchen. There was no one in the kitchen. I thought it is strange there was no one in my room, no one in my brother’s room, no one in the kitchen so only two places were left the hall and roof. First I went to hall no one was there so I knew that someone is on the roof I silently knocked the door and said in a slow voice “Hello, is anyone here”. Then someone said “yes, please come in”. When I went in I was shocked and no one would believe me. There were my pets and they were talking! First I thought that I am sleeping now and this all is a dream or we could say a nightmare but then I started to believe that this is real my pets are talking. It was a really hard thing to believe on such a thing my cat was saying “Iysha, please give me tuna fish and a bottle of milk” and my chicks was saying “give me seeds, give me seeds please” I walked out opened the fridge take out some milk in a bowl and toke a tuna fish and some seeds and give it to them and then I thought that the mystery of the strange voice is solved by me and then I ran from the roof to zeeshan’s room and said “ zeeshan, you have to believe me, I went to the roof and saw our pets. They all were talking!” He said “nonsense animals cannot talk, actually they could talk but only in their language” I said “no, they are talking If you don’t believe come with me” so zeeshan, me and Muhammad went to the roof and saw animals talking, eating, walking so I said “now do you both believe me” they said “yes” and they both were shocked too. Then we were playing with them asking about them that what do you do, how can you talk etc. Then suddenly the bell rang I said “mama has came” then we all ran down and said “mama our pets are talking” but she didn’t believe us so when we take her to our room we saw our pets were back to normal they weren’t taking any more so we had a shock again. And then my cat came and said “meow” so I give her some food so then she salute me.
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Comments 18
Alexa Muhammad Muhammad it feels like you're jealous of the girl, i have talked to my daddy about it and soon the adminstrative would know about it so.. i really hope you dont recieve your gift and from now on it'll be made sure that people dont reciever hampers for storys like " the side effects of reading". Alexa
Dec 3rd 2017
Muhammad Shameful sTory Muhammad
Dec 3rd 2017
sajahir Interesting story Sajahir
Aug 13th 2017
yashfeen Fabulous work Yashfeen
Apr 3rd 2017
Khadija Lovely Khadija
Mar 11th 2017
Tooba Its lovely and congrats to be the winner.the story is very nice.can you be my friend please Tooba
Mar 31st 2014
Anusha CONGRATS and nice and interesting storh Anusha
Mar 1st 2014
Esha Thanks For All The Love For Me. And Thanks For Saying Congratulations. For Neha, Hadia, Shiza, Afifah, Ashra, Soha, Bismah, And Malaika. Thanks Once Again Esha
Feb 28th 2014
Esha Sorry, guys i havent got my gift yet The vshine team is saying I will Get it in this week Esha
Feb 28th 2014
Neha Congratz a lot. it's a great story. I loved it . its interesting. Neha
Feb 23rd 2014
malaika Hey if you are the winner of January you must have got a gift hamper also right what was in the gift. Malaika
Feb 20th 2014
Bismah Congratz!!!!!! i loved this Bismah
Feb 18th 2014
Soha Very nice, congratz Soha
Feb 16th 2014
Feb 16th 2014
Esha Thanks Friends Esha
Feb 9th 2014
afifah Congrats! Afifah
Feb 9th 2014
 Shiza Congratulations! you are the winner of january Shiza
Feb 9th 2014
hadia Congrats! just winner like me! :D Hadia
Feb 8th 2014

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