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Muhammad Muhammad Hassan
Muhammad Muhammad Hassan
Sms Aga Khan School Karimabad
The Boy Who Cut His Leg
Published On Jan 13th 2014
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Long Ago A Boy live in a small hut His name Was Ali One day his mother said that go to forest and cut some wood so his mother gave him a chocolate cake and a bottle of Milk. So he goes and find a big dry Tree And cut it first and then he cut his leg so he can’t stand a man was going from there so the boy said help me so the man did not answer and go on his way so his mother was very worried so she go into the forest and find him when She finds him she was shocked and then she took him to the hospital because he was injured a lot so when he become well so he went to his home so he was very bored so the boy said to his mother that I want to go outside so his mother said okay you can go outside but be very careful so the boy go outside then he met that man again and this time  the man was saying help me to the boy so the boy help him so the  said thank you to the boy and give him a brick of gold so the boy said I don’t wanted it so the man said take this so he take and come back to home so his mother said what Is this so the boy said when my leg was cut a man was going so I said help me so he did not answer and go his way and now he was saying to me that help me so I help so he gave me this brick of gold then his mother take the brick of gold and  take a house of it and then they lived happily.
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Comments 19
Muhammad Muhammad And the rest of you shut your mouth Muhammad Muhammad
Nov 27th 2017
Muhammad Muhammad Liza,mehwish,fatima,maryam,alishba thanks Muhammad Muhammad
Nov 27th 2017
Muhammad Muhammad Mahnoor so what do i do Muhammad Muhammad
Nov 27th 2017
Muhammad Muhammad Affan what is a errora Muhammad Muhammad
Nov 27th 2017
Muhammad Muhammad Yo man there were 2 fullstops in the story you liar!! Muhammad Muhammad
Nov 27th 2017
Apr 17th 2016
Saqifa 12 times "SO!" Saqifa
Nov 20th 2015
sakifa Tooba is ryt Sakifa
Jul 29th 2015
Tooba No full stop and very grammar mistakes and you have written many times so.i did not like it.sorry to say Tooba
Mar 22nd 2014
MARYAM It was nice but without grammar mistakes it would be more interesting Maryam
Jan 27th 2014
Tooba The idea is good but there are a lot of grammatical errors Tooba
Jan 16th 2014
HAFSA Youre right too Hafsa
Jan 15th 2014
Affan I meant "nice but some errors.......everybody knows mistakes happen and i put the a by accident but i wanted to put s. a and s are both beside each other on a keyboard\ Affan
Jan 14th 2014
Mehwish Gooooooood effort...keep tryin nd u'll be a good writer in no time :) Mehwish
Jan 14th 2014
Liza Its nice but there are lots of "so" Liza
Jan 14th 2014
Mahnoor True HAFSA and there are sooo many ''so's" in it:| Mahnoor
Jan 14th 2014
KHAN Yes Hafsa you are right! GOOD STORY but oh my god!!!! Khan
Jan 14th 2014
Affan Nice but some errora Affan
Jan 13th 2014
HAFSA There is no FULLSTOP in this whole storyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my god!! Hafsa
Jan 13th 2014

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