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Behroz Farooqi
Behroz Farooqi
The Fahims School System
Teasing Is A Sin
Published On Jan 13th 2014
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Once upon a time there was a child, his name was Ali. He was fat and 10 years old. He was living with his parents and with his two brothers. His father name was Nadeem, his mother name was Sofia, his first brother name was Swaleh who was 13 years old and his second brother name was Fahad who was 12 years old. His both brothers always tease him that you are fat and with different abusive names. Their parents always say that “not to say these words because if Allah will be angry he will give you very bad punishment”, but they didn’t listen to them and always tease him. One day they went for shopping. They all got their clothes but they were having difficulty to find Ali’s clothes. So when too much time passed Ali’s brother start teasing him. At that time they were standing in a shop and Ali was trying a pant and suddenly that pant fits on him. Then his parent said to shop keeper that “also show us his size shirts” and on that time the first shirt Ali try fits to him. Then they sit in a car and went to home. After 5 years when Swaleh was 18 years old, Fahad was 17years old and Ali was 15 years old. Swaleh became too much fat, Fahad also became fat and Ali became slim and smart. Then everyone start making fun of them. His parent say them that “now you realize why we were saying that don’t tease Ali”.
Moral: don’t tease any one
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Comments 12
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 20th 2014
zerwah Behroz it is an excelent story. Zerwah
Mar 20th 2014
inshal Taha bhai is right apne baray mein toh bata rahe hain but apna naam change kar liya well no problem it is good Inshal
Feb 21st 2014
taha Apna baray mein bata rahay thay to apna naam kyun nahi likha....baki ghar walon ka likh dia.....i like your clever mind Taha
Feb 20th 2014
KHAN Awesome and soooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool a good story for kids and the moral is excellanto Khan
Feb 1st 2014
MARYAM It was an awesome story and with an excellent moral. Maryam
Jan 27th 2014
Muhammad It is excelent, effort to make the childeren of our country to encourage for stury, very good website it is. Muhammad
Jan 17th 2014
behroz Thanks maha zahid Behroz
Jan 16th 2014
maha Nice one Maha
Jan 16th 2014
behroz Thankx Behroz
Jan 14th 2014
Affan Agree with Hafsa Affan
Jan 13th 2014
HAFSA Nice story very excellent:)keep it up!! Hafsa
Jan 13th 2014

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