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Eraj Javed
Eraj Javed
St. Gregory's High School
10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World
Published On Jan 13th 2014
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The earth has its own beauty of nature. This nature is filled by the beautiful and amazing birds, roaming across the lands, ponds, sky, etc, with its beautiful appearance. Let’s take a look at the most amazing birds in the world.
Victoria Crowned Pigeon:
Victoria crowned pigeon is the largest pigeon in the world. It was named after Queen Victoria. They are found in smaller offshore islands. They eat fruits and seeds of plants that have fallen on the ground.
Bird of Paradise:
They are the group of birds found in tropical rainforest. These birds are best known for their beautiful feathers. Do you know? These birds actually dance. They usually eat insects like grasshopper and crickets.
Rainbow Lorikeet:
This is one of the most beautiful parrots. They become inspired by people for their most beautiful colors. They live in Island areas. They mostly eat various fruits. They can often be seen hanging from the branches of a tree.
Atlantic Puffin:
 This bird is not related to penguins at all. They are in fact small seabird’s .They live in open oceans and they can be found in the eastern coast of Canada and the northern states of the USA.They are very excellent fliers. They can flap their wings up to 400 beats per minute. They eats fish, sand eels, and squid etc.
This bird is considered the most beautiful bird in the world. They live in mountainous and tropical forests of Central America. They eat fruit, insects, lizards, and other small creatures. They are also the national bird of Guatemala and they named their currency after this bird.
The Peacock is found in many locations including Burma, Indian, and Sri Lanka .The most amazing thing is that the peacock can also fly. Most people only see them wondering around the zoo or as pets. Those particular Peacocks have had their wings clipped so that they don’t fly away. They eat grains, berries, small insects, scorpions, mice, seeds, grasshoppers and locusts.
African Crowned Crane:
These Birds are found in Eastern sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa near rivers and wetlands. They eat Plants, worms, insects, lizards, and small mammals. They are usually 4 feet tall. Crowned Crane usually dances. There dance consists of bobbing, flapping wings, and swinging circles around each other.
Mandarin duck:
The Mandarin lives in the forests of China and Japan. There basic diet consists of water plants, rice and other grains. Mandarins are one of the few duck species which are not hunted for food - apparently they taste bad.
American kestrel:
This bird is also known as the Sparrow Hawk. It is the smallest falcon in North America. It can also see ultraviolet light – colors that are invisible to the human eye. They are mainly found in Asia, Africa and Europe. They usually eat mice, shrews, moles, rats, frogs, and lizards.
They are famous for their bright pink feathers. These birds are found both in South America and Africa. Most species of flamingo are a pinky or orange color; some however can be white, black or even blue. . The color of the flamingos comes from eating a type of algae that turns them into the bright pink bird. The flamingo sleeps by standing on one leg. They eat shrimp, carrots, diatoms, seeds, blue-green algae, small fish, and crabs.
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Comments 8
Eraj Thanks Soha!! Eraj
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Informative :) Soha
Mar 31st 2014
Bushra Hafeez M.P :) Bushra Hafeez
Mar 28th 2014
Eraj Thanks Bushra! Eraj
Mar 26th 2014
Bushra Hafeez Wowwww nyccc articleeeeeee Bushra Hafeez
Mar 21st 2014
Eraj Thank you! Eraj
Feb 16th 2014
inshal Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inshal
Feb 15th 2014
KHAN Very beutiful Khan
Jan 14th 2014

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