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Saher Eman
Saher Eman
Civilization Public School
School Trip
Published On Jan 13th 2014
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Once there was a girl named Eman. She was really happy when her teacher told that there is trip is next week. "But where?" said eman. Her teacher answers "to orphan age and you all should have a gift for them". They were all thinking that what should we give them. In home time eman ask her friend "what are you are giving them". She answers "i am thinking about it" and she left. At night when eman was doing her homework she thought that i can give some of my clothes. She runs to her mom and ask it but her mom said "NO, are you mad". She was said and sleeps. When she wakes up her mom said "ok you can give it". But eman mind was now to give something else so she did not said anything and go out for school. When she was in class her teacher come and told them that trip is next day now. Everyone was happy but eman was not happy. Next day everyone come and on 9:00 they went there eman was having a book. They like all the gift but eman gift .It was time to go school back so all orphan said thank to them and they welcome them.Eman was so happy for it in night she have a sweet dream of her trip .
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Comments 6
Tooba Hmmmmmmm alot of grammar mistakes but the topic you selected was nice Tooba
Mar 31st 2014
unaiza A bit of grammar problem, which makes it difficult for the reader to understand the story, but the theme is wonderful. A bit more practice and correction then your stories will be the best!!:) Unaiza
Jan 24th 2014
Basit Nice Basit
Jan 19th 2014
irza Good story but a lot of trouble in the tenses. Irza
Jan 17th 2014
HAFSA Very nice keeeeep it up Hafsa
Jan 14th 2014
Mahnoor 'GOD SAVE THE QUEEN',nice but please...try to improve your english... Mahnoor
Jan 13th 2014

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