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Maria Hyder
Maria Hyder
Shining Hour
What Is Air?
Published On Feb 12th 2010
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As you know, air is a gas. You cannot see it. It has no size or shape. So where is it? Try the following experiment; it might give you some answers. Stuff some crumpled newspaper into an empty glass jar. Make sure that the ball of paper doesn’t fall down when you turn the jar upside down.
Then, fill a saucepan or pot with water. Holding the glass jar so that its mouth is down, lower it into the water and hold it there. After a minute or two, pull the jar out of the water. Take out the paper ball. You will see that it is dry!
Do you know why the newspaper did not get wet? It is because the jar is already filled with air so that water cannot fill it. Air may not have any size or shape of its own but it will fill every space it can. Does this answer the question Does air take up space?” Can you think of other ways to show that air occupies space?

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Comments 3

AOA! Maria I appreciate u for writing such a marvelous article.


Jul 1st 2010
Zernab Maria your article is good.Super!Excellent!Write more!Please comment my Poem 'The World'.Try writing more. Zernab
Mar 7th 2010
Assalam-o-Alaikum! Maria, your article is amazing & well done!. Please comment my 4 story & 2 poems. Your article is marvellous!
Feb 24th 2010

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