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Manal Salahuddin
Manal Salahuddin
The Rude Girl
Published On Jan 13th 2014
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Once there was a girl named Aysha, she was proud of her intelligence and the position she obtained in her exams. Exams were about to start and she told her friends that she would top in her exams and nobody could even think of getting the highest marks, she was very rude and didn't help anybody to prepare for the exams. She just practiced all by herself. On the day of her first  exam she did very well and the second and third exam had gone well too but in the Islamiat and the History paper she was failed both of her exams which affected her position as well as percentage. Her parents scolded her for being so irresponsible and after that she promised to secure good marks in all papers and was not proud of anything at all.
Moral: "Don't be proud on something you have and others don't"
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Comments 14
Tooba Its nice Tooba
Mar 31st 2014
Ayesha IDK means I dont Know. 'i' Stands for I 'd' Stands for don't and 'K' stands for know. Ayesha
Jan 30th 2014
HAFSA What 'IDK' i didnt understand ayesha imran Hafsa
Jan 29th 2014
Ayesha IDK? Ayesha
Jan 27th 2014
Arbish Well done ! good job and ayesha its the story about uuuu?? Arbish
Jan 27th 2014
eman Nice story good job Eman
Jan 24th 2014
Laibah Very good Laibah
Jan 22nd 2014
Mohib Nice Mohib
Jan 18th 2014
irza Lovely story mash'allah.liked your story very much Irza
Jan 17th 2014
Maida I really liked your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!! ! Maida
Jan 17th 2014
HAFSA Hhaahahahhahhahhahah;)i can understand;) Hafsa
Jan 16th 2014
Ayesha Is this story about me? Ayesha
Jan 15th 2014
HAFSA Good story mash'Allah Hafsa
Jan 15th 2014
Anam Wow nice story and nice message Anam
Jan 15th 2014

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