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Hadia Ather
Hadia Ather
Beaconhouse Sadiqabad
I Wonder Why The Grass Is Green
Published On Jan 6th 2014
Total Comments : 14
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January 2014

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I wonder why the grass is green,
And why the wind is never seen,
Who taught the birds to build a nest,
And told the trees to take a rest,
Oh when the moon is not quit round,
Where can the missing bit be found,
Who light the stars when they blow out,
And make the lightning flash about,
Who paints the rainbow in the sky,
And let the fluffy white clouds fly,
Why is it so do you know,
That we enjoy this wonderful show.
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Comments 14
Urooj Congratulations what was your gift✔ Urooj
Jul 14th 2017
yashfeen Really I agree with Zerwah.You are a big cheater. Yashfeen
Apr 3rd 2017
hadia Thanx Hadia
Apr 1st 2014
Anusha Congrats:) Anusha
Feb 28th 2014
hadia Zerweh this is a poem which we always sing it in our class my music teacher give me first prize to sing it nicely they just want me in singing quail but it is for senior clasess so i think that if they cant keep me in singing quail so i can be a winner Hadia
Feb 24th 2014
hadia ThanXXXXXX :-D Hadia
Feb 20th 2014
zerwah You cheated this poem from a book................i have already read this in my anthology................copycat..with no brain of your own Zerwah
Feb 20th 2014
Soha Beautiful poem and congrtz!!!!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 16th 2014
 Shiza Its awesome! and congratulations. Shiza
Feb 9th 2014
Esha Congrats Hadia! Esha
Feb 9th 2014
afifah Beautiful poem, congrats! Afifah
Feb 9th 2014
hadia Thanx Hadia
Feb 8th 2014
hadia :-) Hadia
Feb 7th 2014
KHAN Congrats....................... Khan
Feb 7th 2014

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