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Maryam Imran
Maryam Imran
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizadry
The Right Prince
Published On Feb 3rd 2014
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Once upon a time, there was a kind King, who ruled a country far away. He loved his people so much. When he became old, he wanted the next king to be kind & loving. He had 3 sons. He thought that, the son who has good habits should be the King. So the King called his sons and said”, our Country’s treasure is so less. Among u all, whoever fills the treasure, I will make them King. Princess asked”, Father King , from where can we bring the treasure”?Then the King said” ,The treasure is behind Shamal near Barfany Mountain, there is a cave, it is there. Till this treasure only that prince can reach whose habits are good and they are brave.
Princesses’ took permission from the King. The journey was so long. The princes kept   their   useful stuff   on their own horses and they were going, when they met a old woman .Her legs were bloody and she was walking   slowly, slowly. She asked the biggest prince “,Will u give me ride on your horse a little far away?”” I am very sick.”. The prince said”, NO ! NO! I cannot make you sit with me! Let’s  go leave the way! Fast! fast! As soon the smallest prince heard this, He said”, Brother we should take care  of elders.”  After that suddenly that woman turned into a fairy and said’’, I was taking your exam. Now big prince cannot go  on the journey. After saying this, she turned the big prince into a stone and gave the small prince a magic wand and said” This will help u.”  Now there were only 2 princess left. They were walking near Manzal. Their horses were going fast. In their way were some farms. The middle prince intentionally spoiled all the  farms. These farms belonged to a poor woman. She became very  angry and also turned him into a stone. Actually this was the same fairy, who turned the big prince into a stone. The small prince waved the wand  and made all  the farms greenish, greenish. The beautiful fairy came and said “   Only u can get. Small prince u did 1 better thing. For that I will give u magic carpet which u can travel  to the other side of Barfani  .The fairy said now u have to do the other work by yourself. There were 3 ghosts who were taking care  of the cave. He wore the cap and easily reached the cave. He took all the treasure & kept it on the magic carpet. He was on the way. On the way he made his stone brothers human beings .When he reached the palace, the king  became so happy that he made the small prince king, he married a princess ,who of course became  a queen and they lived happily ever after.
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Comments 6
MARYAM I'm sorry but I did not write this story myself..i copied and translated it from and Urdu book Maryam
May 7th 2014
Tooba Good story Tooba
Apr 26th 2014
Laibah Great story and moral Laibah
Feb 15th 2014
Amal Nice story. One of my Fav. Amal
Feb 12th 2014
Ushna This is a v.interesting story ..nice :) i like it Ushna
Feb 8th 2014
Liza Nice story Liza
Feb 7th 2014

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